What I really need. . . . .

I really need a new computer. And a new camera. And a new back up battery. And a new phone. And new clothes.

Me: Ooooooh, I really hate it when the adapter comes out of the computer and the computer goes,  “Oh, I think I’m gonna hibernate, NOW! And then it just WHAM! shuts off.

Warwick: I know, baby.  I wish I could get you everything you need, right now.

Me: Aaaaaahhhh, you’re so sweet.  But that’s okay.  It’ll just make us enjoy our things that much more when we finally get them. Right?

Warwick: Yeah, it’s just too bad you broke the other camera.

Me: Yup.

Warwick: And you slammed the door into those people’s car.

Me: Yup.

Warwick: And. . . .

Me: Okay, okay.  I get your point.

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