Starbucks Cup Saga: Part 3 -Eclipse of the Jacked Up Straw

The Starbucks Saga continues. . . .

Part 1

Part 2

[ I get to be Bella because, well. . . .this is my blog.  Bella (my daughter) gets to be Edward because, in this instance, she very well could be a tortured soul.  Although, the fact that I could not find a picture of her not smiling, makes me think otherwise.  Soledad, will stand in as dear Jacob because she can have dog werewolf tendencies.] 

Part 3:  Did Bella bite the straw?

Warwick:  Are you sure Bella bit your straw?

Me: Yes.

Warwick: Are you sure it wasn’t Soledad?

Me: Yes.

Warwick: Why?

Me: Because, I’m not stupid enough to let Soli drink out of my new cup.

Warwick:  Well, she was sipping on it the whole time you were out on the softball field batting.

Seriously? God of all paraphanelia that is Starbucks, Who the heck bit my straw?

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