Baby’s First Teeth

I Got Two Teefies!

I know, I know.  How could I let that baby cry like that? 
I’m immune to it. No amount of crying can sway me from my mission.  It’s one of my super powers.  Sorry Feeb’s, I can’t help it if natural selection has determined that I have the traits to survive in this dog eat dog world as a super fertile, no nonsense havin’ mama. 
Now smile, Nana really wants to see your teeth.
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5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Teeth

  1. Congratulations to Phoebe on her new choppers. Just remember that her “love bites” are armed and dangerous now. Remember also to warn the other girls about fingers near the mouth! -E

  2. E-
    Okay, okay, i guess i’ll warn the others about putting their fingers near Phoebe’s mouth, but honestely. . .sometimes they have it coming!

  3. OMG! I don’t even see the teeth because I can’t get past the super kissably cute cheeks!!!!

    How do you not spend all day kissing chubby baby cheeks?

  4. Awww, Congrats on those baby teeth! My daughter just got hers a few weeks ago.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

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