Dear Internet,

I’m scared.  I think I might be in some alternate universe. I woke up today and everything seemed normal, until my 9 year old was nice to me for over an hour.  My five year old got out of bed, without any coaxing, and my 3 year old only screamed at the top of her lungs 3  4 times. And the baby, the sweet little baby slept until 8 am.

Breakfast was on the table by 7, and every head of hair was combed by 7:30. *tears begin falling* The Jazz music channel was playing on the TV, AND NOBODY ASKED TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL! And, and, I don’t know if I should say this but, my children read books while eating their breakfast. *gasp*

I know. It’s crazy.  Something is definitely up. I could just be grateful or chalk it up to alien abductions. 

I think I’ll just be grateful for alien abductions.


Nicki Woo

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Isn’t it hilarious that when we have a calm morning (once out of 365 days) that we soak it all up! Can you send the aliens over? lol

  2. What a lovely morning!!! I love the sweet picture. I’m taking your advice with the girls in the morning and making sure they get a little time to gear up before rushing them into their morning routine. So far — Success! You’re a guru!

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