James Morrison – You Give Me Something

Nobody’s going to be knocking on your door telling you that I’m an authority on music.  In fact, people (i.e. my sister and my husband) may come knocking on your door to tell you I know NOTHING about music. That I have awful taste in music, that I’m not hip, hop, or otherwise inclined.  Well, they wouldn’t say that, but I would, which is why they would also say I’m not very cool.  Which by the way this post is going, you might conclude is true.

But to my defense, I KNOW WHAT I LIKE.  And this my friends, is a pretty little diddy that I came across the other day, when I was being a silly little girl with my best friend.

It makes me dance around when I’m cleaning up the house. It makes me sing and smile to my children. When I hear this song my heart begins to flutter and all I want to do is be consumed by the music. I catch my head bobbing and my eyes closing.  It’s quite miraculous, to say the least. It pulls me back to a time when my only job in the world was to figure out what makes me happy. And this song, really, really, makes me happy.

And so does this video (below).  Now, were back to the “silly little girl” part. Which is probably the most important reason I love this song.  I won’t even try to deny it, I love Twilight. The books, the movies, the parodies, the actors, the t-shirts, the pillows. Everything. But, what I think I love most, is Edward Cullen, vampire extraordinaire (for lack of a better term).  Edward is played by Robert Pattinson, seen in this pictorial montage.

Okay say it!  I’m acting liking a teeny bopper


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4 thoughts on “James Morrison – You Give Me Something

  1. I may be a bit biased, being that I am said best friend that you were acting like a silly little girl with, but I also loooooove this song. It absolutely makes me happy too! It’s an awesome song — made even more awesome and happy by Robert Pattinson’s beauty. I heart him! And your happiness is so worth it!!! Again, I might be biased as I am about to watch the Edward fast forward feature on my New Moon dvd from Wal-Mart (later tonight I’ll probably watch the deleted scenes on my New Moon dvd from Target, while wearing the Edward t-shirt I keep stashed in my closet). Thank God for understanding husbands (and Edward Cullen)!

  2. See that’s why I love you, and why you are the smartest and most wonderful person in the world! I heart you, and Rob, and James, and Warwick too!

  3. Hello Nikki, I also love that song and Edward as well. Although, I can’t say that I love them equally. I think Edward wins!! I find comfort in knowing that I am not alone in my teeny bopper ways. – Emily

  4. Thanks for the comment Emily! I love knowing that there are more people out there like me, I think we should all come out of the closet!!!! Oh, and you’re right, James is great, but Edward wins hands down, no contest!!!

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