Burying Your Small Pet in Your Backyard

Uuuuugggghhh. My heart is breaking. Death can be a bee-ah-ch.

Dear Shelbi,

There are no words for me to say how very sorry I am. And I know, you probably don’t want to hear this right now, but you need to know that you were such a good mommy, and Diva loved you very, very, much.

It has been 71 days since she first walked into our lives. It wasn’t enough time. Not enough time to teach her all the tricks you wanted her to know, not enough time to build up her culinary palette with cheeses and fruits of all types, not enough time to watch her grow into a beautiful full grown rat. But plenty of time to love her fully and to be loved by her completely.

And I know that she loved you with every bit of spirit that she had. I know this because when you came into the room she danced around her cage as if in a ballet. She ran on her wheel, to delight you with her amazing “rat”tastical feats. I know this because, every spirit who has ever met you has been entranced by you and your strength, and little Diva was no different.

This is a hard lesson that we learn in life. We must love as if each day is our last, because none of us know how long we will be in this place called earth. That’s a lesson, which you and sweat Diva have taught me. To just love. To let it be all consuming, and all enveloping. Because, that’s all there really is. That type of love, real love, never disappears. It will continue fill our hearts and our home, and it will remain with you forever.

So we’ll lay little Diva’s body to rest tonight, and know that she is running in the green grass in Heaven. She’ll watch over us, as we continue to live and love in her memory. With every smile that we make, and every giggle that tickles our bellies, she’ll know that we are thinking of her and thankful for every moment that we shared.

Good night Sweet Diva. Rest in Peace.

Burying your small pet in your backyard

1. Dig a hole at least 3 feet deep (the hole needs to be very deep in order to prevent other animals from smelling it, and trying to dig it up.)

2. Place your pet in a biodegradable box.

3. Lay the box in the hole.

4. Say your last good-byes. Maybe everyone in the family could share a nice memory.

4. Refill the hole with dirt.

5. Place large rocks on top to prevent any other animals from digging it up.

6. Have a special meal to commemorate your little pals going home celebration. In honor of our pet rat, we had Catfish, potatoes, fruit salad and carrot cake for dessert (some of Diva’s favorites).

I’m mentally exhausted. For a more detailed instructions, check out this link; it was very helpful. http://www.wikihow.com/Bury-a-Dead-Bird

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