EASY Halloween Pocket Pillows: Made in 15 minutes!

Dear Warwick, Happy Anniversary!  I love you. I just wanted you to know that sometimes you can be a little bit unreasonable, and that is why I have made you these Halloween pillows, at 2:30 in the morning. I realize that you love me and want to spend every waking moment with me on our anniversary. I get it. I understand. So for you, I woke up, while you still slept away like a baby at 2:33 AM and I came to work on my blog. I sewed, I sweated, I lost needles in the carpet, all so I wouldn’t Read more […]

Decorating for Halloween: A Spooky Bookshelf and Fireplace Mantle . . .w/ Stuff from The Dollar Tree and Thrift

I’m still decorating for Halloween. I’m in a rush to finish so that I can ENJOY it. So. . . .please forgive me for my very brief post today.  In a few minutes, I’m off to try and figure out how to get a witch in my front yard. And beast eyes in Phoebe’s windows. Oh! And I can’t forget the sinister subjects and creepy birds that need to go in the upstairs bedrooms. These are very important things that I’m up to. Life changing things. So. . I’m off. But before I go, I’ll just show you a few Read more […]

Severed Finger Doorbell

I must tell you something. Today, actually tonight, I’m sitting in a hotel room at 2:16 am. Warwick and I are celebrating our 14th anniversary. Actually, its next week, but today is the day that my mom and his mom can watch the kids, so we are pretending its today. But that’s not important, that is not what I want to tell you. What I really want to say is the guy who is currently lying next to me, right now. . .the one who is snorting every 5 or so minutes. . .yes, that guy. . .he REALLY loves Read more […]

Spanish Moss Halloween Wreath

I’m a day late putting up my Halloween outdoor decorations. Usually, they’re up by now. So today I put on my Adidas basketball shorts, a hole ridden softball T-shirt and set off to hang, sort, and decorate for a holiday that will fall exactly 29 days from now. Phoebe was there, helping me dig through the boxes, admiring the spooky decor, and pondering the wonder we would create. Phoebe (4) : Mommy! Remember last year, how I had that Cat IN. MY. ROOM? Wasn’t that cool??? *these Beast eyes* Me: Read more […]