Katy Perry – California Gurls

Soledad (4) says this is her favorite lullaby.Either I’m the best mom ever, or the worst.  I’m not sure which. And for any haters out there, No she hasn’t seen the video. I don’t think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRvptTk7IbU

Rihanna – Rude Boy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e82VE8UtW8ANow I know, this is not the same Rihanna.This cannot be the same Rihanna that was reportedly assaulted by her boyfriend. Who had major contusions on both sides of her face, a black eye, a split lip, bloody nose, and bite marks on one of her arms and several fingers [via tmz] .That Rihanna would not sing the lyrics,“I like the way you touch me thereI like the way you pull my hairBaby, if I don’t feel it,I ain’t faking no, no”No, that Rihanna was clearly Read more […]

Usher – Here I Stand

Yesterday was my birthday.I had dreams of putting my hands in the soil, reading lazily in bed, and scouring garden centers. I was to have a grandiose supper of colorful vegetables sautéed in some type of garlic butter, with a flaky fish on top. I thought I’d go on a walk, or sit outside and watch the children play. Wonderful things, marvelous things. All things that didn’t happen.Instead, we spent the day at the softball park, filled with whining, complaining, and too many trips to the public Read more […]

Justin Bieber – One Time

In the circles that I run in, the name Justin Bieber has been coming up more and more frequently (probably has something to do with screaming crazy headed nine year old girls).  Who is he? Do you like him? Why is his hair like that? Standard questions that a thirty something might ask about a Teen Pop Idol.And, I’m not afraid to admit it; I do know who he is, though I do not know why his hair does that.I will go a step further, and say, I really do think that he can sing.  Although, there is only Read more […]

Mary J. Blige – I Am

The lessons we learn in childhood are tough.Disappointment may be one of the toughest.Being disappointed in other people, well that’s hard.  But, when we are disappointed with ourselves, sometimes, it’s too much to bear.___________________________________________________________________________”You can do this Bella.  You’re a game maker.  WHO CAN HIT THE BALL?” I said encouragingly.”I can!  I always hit the ball!” Bella beamed.”Alright then.  Go out there and do it!” I yelled as she picked Read more […]

James Morrison – You Give Me Something

Nobody’s going to be knocking on your door telling you that I’m an authority on music.  In fact, people (i.e. my sister and my husband) may come knocking on your door to tell you I know NOTHING about music. That I have awful taste in music, that I’m not hip, hop, or otherwise inclined.  Well, they wouldn’t say that, but I would, which is why they would also say I’m not very cool.  Which by the way this post is going, you might conclude is true.But to my defense, I KNOW WHAT I LIKE.  And this Read more […]