Justin Bieber – One Time

In the circles that I run in, the name Justin Bieber has been coming up more and more frequently (probably has something to do with screaming crazy headed nine year old girls).  Who is he? Do you like him? Why is his hair like that? Standard questions that a thirty something might ask about a Teen Pop Idol.

And, I’m not afraid to admit it; I do know who he is, though I do not know why his hair does that.

I will go a step further, and say, I really do think that he can sing.  Although, there is only one song that I really like, of which, I am about to tell you more than you ever really wanted to know.  So come. . .take a walk with me to 2009, when Justin Bieber released his first hit song, One Time.


Let me start by saying, I do believe this song is a full fledged JAM.  In my world this is determined by turning the radio up,  promptly tuning out my children, and ignoring all flying objects that might have been propelled to catch my attention.  But lately, the more that I hear this song,  the more the lyrics fill my head,  making me think Little Justin needs a lesson on love and relationships, Nicki Woo style.

*Note: For simplicity sake, I have omitted a few lines.  Please forgive me Bieberheads.

So the song starts out like this (my commentary is in red) . . . .

Me, plus you. (I’m a’ tell you one time)

Me, plus you
(One time, Im’a tell you one time)
Me, plus you
One time, Im’a tell you one time)
(one time) one time, (One Time) one time

Okay, Justin – maybe your only gonna tell her ONE TIME, but how many times are you going to say “one time.” And seriously, that is no way to start out a relationship.  Telling somebody that you can’t be bothered to repeat yourself, is definitely going to get you in a boat load of trouble.

When I met you girl my heart went knock knock
Now them butterflies in my stomach won’t stop stop

That’s sweet, and I’m glad that you are in touch with your feelings at such a young age (He’s 16). But sometimes, you might just be hungry.  Have you eaten anything besides rubbish today?

and even though it’s a struggle, love is all we got
so we gonna keep keep climbin till the mountain top

Love is tough little grasshopper. It’s good that you’re learning these lessons early. On another note, glad to see your keeping up with your history lessons in between signing autographs.

your world is my world
And my fight is your fight
my breath is your breath

Hold up there son! Okay the first line, I get. Makes complete sense.  But who in the world is getting into a fight?  And Why?  And even if you are. . . .shouldn’t the line read “Your fight is my fight, and your breath is my breath.” ?  Not the other way around? You are supposed to be the one that is completely head over heals for her.  YOU are supposed to be completely enamored by HER.  YOU ARE THE BOY, AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO CHERISH HER, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!!!!

And, just so you know, you might get your little tale kicked if you’re bringing your girlfriends around to fight for you.  You might wanna re-think that one.

And your heart  (I’ve got my)

That is an incomplete thought. Are you so love struck you forgot to finish your sentence?

One love, My one heart, My one life for sure
Let me tell you one time

Now, that’s just sweet. Young love can be real love too, I get it.

(girl I love, girl I love you)
Im’a tell you one time
(girl I love, girl I love you)

She’s not going to be your girlfriend for long if you only tell her you love her once. I’m just sayin’.

and I’ll be your one guy
You’ll be my number one girl

Justin, I hope there’s not a number two and a number three.  If there’s not, you shouldn’t have to specify.

Always making time for you
Im’a tell you one time
(girl I love, girl I love you)
Im’a tell you one time
(girl I love, girl I love you)
You look so deep
You no that it humbles me
You’re by my side and troubles them don’t trouble me

Your grammar is troubling, but I know you’re trying to rhyme, so I’ll let it pass this time.

Many have called but the chosen is you

This is not the time to be bragging about how cute and wanted you are.  FOCUS!

Whatever you want shorty I’ll give it to you
[Chorus Repeated]
Shorty right there
She’s got everything I need

You cannot find fulfillment in another person. Everything that you need is inside yourself. That’s a sure fire way to watch your relationship go downhill FAST!

And Im’a tell her one time
(One time, one time)
Give you everything you need, down to my last dime

Famous last words. Justin, keep your wallet zipped! If she loves you, you won’t have to give her your last dime.  Ever heard of the Law of Attraction?  Let’s speak more positively, shall we?

She makes me happy, I know where I’ll be
Right by your side cause she is the one

And those are my two cents, if anyone cares.

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8 thoughts on “Justin Bieber – One Time

  1. Very funny! I love it! I have 17 and 14 year old teenageage boys and my 14 year old had a Justin Beiber haircut! I can relate!

  2. Hey, Nicole-
    The ubiquitous “they” say that you’re really in tune with a culture if you can understand their music. Kudos to you for taking the time to listen to the lyrics of teen pop culture. Lord only knows what my kids are listening to. I’m tuned to classical music or a book on tape these days (smile).

  3. Thanks E! Though, as soon as nap time hits I am all about tuning my TV to light classical music. I never thought to listen to books on tape. Hmmmmm. . .looks like i’ll be kissing (metaphorically speaking) Justin good-bye.

  4. First off, the first time that I heard this kid on the radio, I thought he was a sista. Second, I have now seen his video — Usher apparently is a rich man as a result of this kid’s success.

    Also, I get the appeal. Remember how we used to feel about New Edition. They were the business way back when. :-D.

    Finally — LOL at your interpretation of the lyrics. That “one time” thing, is a potential epic relationship fail. :-D.

  5. Meee toooo! That’s so funny. Not sure what that means for him though.

    I still feel faint whenever I hear Candy Girl, Telephone Man, or Can You Stand the Rain. Sigh. I love, love.

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