Cheap & Easy Halloween Craft: Martha Stewart’s Witch’s Curtains


When I lived in Dallas, I used to make these curtains every Halloween. We have a covered front porch that had an oval entrance. I hung these curtains right behind the archway, and when the wind blew it was like long black strands of hair blowing in the breeze. Calling to all passerbys, with whispers and whimpers of tales never told.

Man, I loved that house.

But, I love this one more, even though there is no perfect spot for those Martha Stewart Witch Curtains. But the idea of them is so incredibly genius to me, that I have decided to hang them over my front door up high, and not so much length. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep them up beyond this post, but my kiddos really love them and so on my front porch they stay.

And they do look a bit dreamy from the street view.

And honestly, when the wind blows, it does seem like something spooky is happening at my house.

And so I love these dreamy cheap trash bag curtains once again.

I love them. I love them. I do.



Martha Stewart’s Witch Curtains

If you want your curtains to be longer and more stringy, its important to buy the more expensive heavy-duty trash bags. They can withstand the tugging and pulling that is required to make that affect.  In this post, I just used the cheap black trash bags that I found at Dollar Tree, because I didn’t want them to be very long. You can find Martha’s DIY full instructions on her website, but here’s a quick run down of how I did it.

1. Cut a trash back open (by cutting along the side and on bottom). Tape it to the wall.


2. Cut thin strips along the bag.


3.Stretch the individual strands until the desired length and look is achieved.




3. Hang with Command Strips. I use these handy little strips to hang almost everything this time of year. It’s super sturdy (even hanging heavy items on brick) but always comes off clean.




And that’s it. Easy Peasy. And super cheap. Just the way I like it.


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