Angel Food Smoothie…….just like at Smoothie King


He told me he needed a rotater dowel screw thing for the bunk bed.

He asked me to go to the furniture store, Lowes, and Home Depot in search of it.

I drove and I drove and I drove.

“Do you have this thing?” I’d ask.

“No. They’d say.” But still I trudged on.

I called HIM on the phone and told him that the furniture store salesman gave me 3 screws that were just a smidge longer. “No! that won’t work at all. ” he says while I curse him under my breath. But I take the screws from salesman anyway.

A day later I show them to him…..I say……”this is what the salesman gave me.”

He looks at them….and replies…”they’re perfect!”

“Are you serious? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“No, that’s exactly what I said I needed. A dowel. For the screw.”

“Noooooo. You said you needed a Rotater Dowel Screw Thing.”

“No I didn’t. You don’t listen.”

“Yes I do. You don’t speak right.”


It’s only the second week of school, where my days are now my own, and I’ve been spending them looking for something I didn’t need because I already have it.

I fear this may be a metaphor for life.

Like yesterday my kids came home starving. I searched for a snack to satisfy them, but nothing would.

Today, I grabbed a few things I had lying around since last week….and what do you know… was the best snack they ever ate.

I’m good even when I don’t know it.



2 frozen bananas
2 cups Strawberries, tops removed
4 tb powdered milk
4 tb maple syrup
3 cups ice
1 cup water


1. Throw in a blender. Blend.
2. Pour in cup.
3. Slurp it up.





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