Getting My Garden Ready For Spring Planting!


It’s 9 am. 10 minutes prior to this conversation, I picked Soledad up from school because she chucked it up in the school bathroom.

Me: Soledad, do you want to just stay in the car?

Soledad: No.

Me: Okay, you don’t have too, but I’m just going to bring Phoebe to her class and I’ll only be a few steps away, I’ll only be gone for a minute. . . .

Soledad: I want to walk in with you guys. . . . .

Phoebe: Fine! Just make sure you don’t throw up in my school.

Soledad: Be quiet Phoebe!

Phoebe: You be quiet and don’t throw up.


That’s was our day yesterday. And today Bella woke up with pink eye.
Not to mention our seasonal allergies are going haywire because
the weather has suddenly turned from 30 degree days to highs in the mid seventies in less than a week.

Which means . . . .tiny blades of grass are popping up everywhere. Birds are chirping and bugs are propagating, multiplying, turning into gross larva like wormy things.

It’s sooooo muggy outside, that air drapes over your shoulders and covers your skin like a rain jacket. It’s going to be mosquito season in a matter of days. . .which is why as my sickly children mope around the house, I’m outside getting my flower beds ready for veggie season.


Clearing the weeds.

Amending the soil.

and doing whatever Else Google tells me I should.

This is the hard, not so fun part. But soon I’ll be planting and the fun begins.

It did buy myself a few plants. . .I couldn’t stand the temptation. . . . Spearmint to make cucumber-mint lemonade, and lemon grass. . .to keep away the mosquitoes when they show up.


Are you planting anything?



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