What I have learned this summer. . .from my life. . .and Pinterest via my sister.

It’s a funny thing how four tiny people can totes get on your nerves and make you scream to the high heavens.. . . for every day of a three month period (June-August) and yet the very thought of them going back from whence they came (school) could have you teary eyed and snot ridden.


Can’t I remember that time I told them “NO! You CAN NOT!!!” And they did.
They did right in front of my face.


And what about that time they ate me out of house and home.
And I caught the little one eating a red string. . .off the floor. . .in the corner. . .because she was hungry.
But she had just eaten, lunchmeat, 3 string cheeses’, 2 yogurts, and way too many raisins.
And the oldest one came to me crying.
Because she was soooo hungry she was dying.
She was not dying.
She was acting.
Two very different things.

All of this has taught me some very, very, valuable lessons.

1.) I need to paint my nails more often.
2.)  I need more clothes. Shorts mostly.
3.) I really shouldn’t use hair products that I know nothing about.
4.) I have a very bad memory.

That’s it.
That is what I have learned this summer.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

That. . .
and one more thing.
Those little waxy pebbles that you can buy in the laundry section of the grocer are GENIUS. GENIUS I SAY!!!

My sister saw this on Pinterest. . .
You just fill your wax warmer with a teaspoon or so of these little smell good pebbles, and VOILA! your house (or at least the room the warmer is in, smells like heaven. If your heaven smells like clean laundry. . .otherwise it smells like a lovely laundromat.)

My sister has gone on record saying that she is not going to use them in her actual laundry machine, only her warmer.
I can’t remember why. . . .I stopped listening to her mid conversation.

But, I have used them in my washing machine too. . .
And I loved them.
I loved, loved, loved the way my clothes smelled soooooo yummy.
It makes my entire closet smell scrumptious.
The bottles are a little pricey in my opinion. . .about $6 for a small bottle. . .but it goes a long way in your wax warmers. Much cheaper than buying the wax sold for that specific purpose.

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