I don’t even know what came over me.

First I’m watching my 12 year old play basketball.
An aggressive game, but nothing out of the usual.
The next thing I know, the ball passes by my daughter (Shelbi) as she’s playing defense, and this crazy nut job starts pushing her around.

There is a shove.
She recovers, as she spreads her legs wider and gets her arms up above her head trying to deflect any passes.
The girl can’t get away from daughter, because well. . .she’s pretty good at her low post position.
(Plus.. . not to brag or anything. . . .but actually that’s exactly what I’m doing. . . she’s in this really awesome Conditioning Camp and she’s getting really strong and fast. . . .but I digress. . . .)

SO. . .oh. my. goodness.
The other girl. . .starts really shoving my kid.
And what does my kid do? . . .not much just keeps defending her.
And that makes the other kid crazy mad.
Like crazy as in foaming at the mouth, I’ve lost all my sense God gave me MAAAAAAAD.
She starts elbowing my daughter IN THE BACK and throwing punches.
Shelbi’s face contorts and she just looks at that girls like she is a fly buzzing in her face.

I got so scared.
Wobbly knees, jagged breathing scared.
The ref wasn’t looking at what was going on.
And the punches were getting quite hard.
I can remember. . .5 in quick succession.

I hop up out of my seat. And start screaming, “REF! NUMBER 1!  GET HER OFF MY DAUGHTER!!!”
The mom of #1 starts yelling at me.
I start yelling back.
I can’t really remember what.. . . . Just that I pulled my shoulders back, stood up straight and thought I am about to run on this court stand in between my daughter and that girl to protect my baby. And if I have to cold cock that kids mom. . .so be it.

I ‘m thinking, just wrap my arms around Shelbi, and that girl will punch me. . .
And as I step my foot on the court. . .
the whistle blows. . .
and its over.

I look over to my husband, and he’s cradling the baby (the other one – Phoebe who is 4 and actually not a baby either). . .and looking at me like I’ve lost my mind.

Maybe I did.
But it was for a good cause.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Basketball cupcakes are on the docket today, because well that is ALL we have been up to lately.

Shelbi (12) fighting for her life.
Bella (9) fighting for her life.
Soledad (7)  fighting for her life.

All in the name of Summer Basketball.

These cupcakes were made for Soledad’s birthday at the end of June. She wanted basketball cupcakes to share with her team, as she had/wanted to play a game on that very night.

I’m including a few pics of her on that day for your reading pleasure.



Favorite Cupcake Mix
Orange Icing
Black Icing.


1. Make cupcakes. Let cool.
2. Frost with orange icing.
3. Pipe black icing accordingly:)

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