Shabby Chic Nightstand: Antiquing and old bedside table.

I can’t believe I’m saying this.
I understand that poor misunderstood soul of a 12 year old daughter.
And I don’t know how it happened.
It was like I was wishing it to be so badly.
I started looking for ways to connect with her.
Watching movies.
Reading the same books she was assigned at school.
And I failed at most of it.
Half doing it.
Or wanting to do it, and postponing it.
Or starting a book, and then never finishing it.
But you get the point.

And I think the universe started stirring and then my eyes were opened. . . . and I saw her.
I saw ME in HER.
WAY TOO independent.
Wanting to do the right thing.
But never being heard!
Screaming for attention.
Not getting the type she craved.
I did.
I saw myself in her.
And I think I’ll never be the same.
I hope I don’t forget.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –   – – – –
And so now I can’t forget her.
She’s on my brains all the time.
Not that she hasn’t always been.
It’s just different now.
The realization has hit that she really only has 6 more years under our roof.
That’s scary.
I want her to be happy and comfortable and feel loved.
And that translates to 
Me + Shelbi = Me doing stuff for her room.
And she needed a nightstand.
This is what it looked like when I found it at Goodwill.
It didn’t have any alibi.
Because it was UGLY.
What, What?
It was ugly.
But, only $12.99. ..
and solid wood (mostly).
And good working drawers.
So. . .
there you go. . .
Hope you like these ugly navy blue drawers in your black, white, pink and green room Shelbi. It shouldn’t clash. . .too much.
She’s looking at me sideways. Eyelids lowered. Gagging herself with a spoon.
Okay. Okay.
Lets see what we can do.
I grabbed some paint that I had around the house.
BEHR. Almost white or something.
It’s what I use to repaint scuff marks on the floor boards.
Or what I’m supposed to be using to paint the floor boards.
Haven’t ACTUALLY gotten around to that. . . . . .yet.
Then two.
And three and four until it looks just right.
In my unprofessional opinion, 
this is what makes it looks professional.
Oh! Don’t forget to bring the durn thing into the garage because you forgot to check the weather and its going to rain.
In like 10 minutes.
And your dresser is still wet.
So just balance it on the tips of your finger-nails.
No worries. And then carry it through the house to the garage. Watch out for those 50 million play wooden toys on the floor. . .Don’t slip!

And just as you finish your last coat of paint. . .
Answer the phone as it rings!
Because its your husband.
And he’s going to ask you what your doing.
And your going to say, “painting.”
And he’s going to say, “where?”
And when you say, “the garage”
he’s going to sigh and say “are we doing that again? not near the cars okay? and not on the garage floor okay?”
And you say, “okay!” cheerfully.
And then drop a few paints droplets on the garage floor just because . .well. . .you’re you.
Once the paint on the table and the garage floor is  thoroughly dry . . . .
Grab some sandpaper and mess it up.
Only slightly.
By rubbing gently on the white paint to reveal the ugly blue beneath.
But if you only do it slightly, the ugly blue is awesome antique.
‘Awesome’ as in it looks like you spent a ton of money on this ‘antique.’
Go. To. Hobby Lobby.
They have mad wicked drawer knobs there (bought these on sale for $2.00 a piece).
And by ‘mad wicked’ I mean the exact opposite.
Probably the prettiest selection of knobs that will make you ‘elated sainted.’
Screw those bad boys in.
And Voila!
A nightstand.
Yet New.
And totes worth a million bucks.
Contact paper from the $ Dollar Tree.  Remember when I used it on  Shelbi’s Plastic Drawers?
She’s still not making her bed 🙁
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