Earth Day: REUSE!!! Repainting and Mending a Flea Market Chair.

He walked into the house, eyes squinting, head tilted, head half convulsing.

Him:   Nicole! Nicole! Did you know there is paint splattered all over the grass? And a bit on the sidewalk. And ON. THE. BRICK. OF THE HOUSE???  Did you know that?

I  look at him and purse my lips. I turn back around and continue combing Phoebe’s hair.

Him:   Nicole. Seriously. It’s like you turned the water hose on. . . then holding a paint brush full of paint . . .tried to hose it off, but it just splattered. . . .everywhere. . .on the house, on the sidewalk, on the grass. .. .Did you do that? Do you remember doing anything like that?

Me:   Umm. I don’t know.

Him:   Well. . . .

I’m ignoring him full out now. I’m brushing Phoebe’s hair, harder and harder. Her head is swaying side to side. Her head almost pops right off her shoulders.

He doesn’t say another word. Though I can tell, he’s slightly perturbed. And to tell you the truth, so am I.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So what he thinks happened is not exactly what happened.
Though, it was something vaguely similar.
Actually.. . .
I had the paint brush, and I soaked it in water, and I needed to use it to paint. . . .but I couldn’t get all the water out . . . .so I flung it in the grass. But it was still wet, so I flung it over the driveway. . . . .but it was still wet . . .. . so I went around the house by the water hose and flung it more, and then slightly wiped it on the corner of the house.

And that’s how paint got everywhere.
That’s why my husband nearly lost his underwear.

I did it.
I admit.
But to my defense.
I really don’t mind the paint.
I really do love the white contrast against our boring brown brick.
And every time I see little speckles of white paint on the driveway it reminds me of creating, and chaos, and fun. And I love it.

And really.
It’s just white paint against super light grey concrete.
Big whoop.
It’ll be alright, Warwick.
I promise, not to do it again. . .for awhile. Or this week.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

This little ditty is what caused all the ruckus.
My find of the week.

A chair that cost me a measly $4.99.
Wooden and black and all scratched up.
Oh my. I’m in love.

I slapped some paint on that bad boy, just like I did when I painted Shelbi’s Shabby Chic Night Stand. Thin coats. Slow and steady.

One of the legs were a little loose. So I used wood glue and a mallet and rammed that sucker back in there, nice and tight.

And then finished painting it.

And now it’s in Bella and Soli’s room.

Living out it’s second life in an orange creamsicle room paradise.
I’m thinking of adding a chair pillow. Maybe chevron pattern. White and turquoise.
Who knows.
I think it looks very nice as is.

What are you up to this Earth Day week? Doing anything interesting?

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