Monogrammed (Personalized) Fabric Covered Pin Board & Crafts She Saw on Pinterest

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I walked into my daughters room and was blinded by the mad chaos of it all.
Clothes strewn about.
Dirty Clothes.
Clean Clothes that I had just washed.
Clothes that I’ve never seen before in my life.

And as I hyperventilated, I reminded myself that I loved this child.
That she, in fact is a child, and not some evil alien sent to earth to live in my house and make it impossible for me to have it clean. Ever.


Remember how cute she is. Remember how smart she is. Remember her smile, her giggle, and her tenacity. 

Carefully bend over and delicately pick up the clothing and throw it into the laundry basket. 
Slow. Move. Slow.

And try not to worry too much.
I think your room was dirtier than this when you were her age.
And you didn’t turn out to be a poor slovenly individual living in piles of waste and smelly underwear.
There is hope yet.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I grabbed my camera to chronicle the evidence of her horrible room cleaning skills.
As I snapped away, I noticed somethings in the corner of her dressing table.

And, other things.
Crafty things that I had never seen before.
That sneaky crafty girl.

After I tidied that mess up. . . . .

I took some more pictures of the things she made (that she NEVER EVER told me about).
Things she saw on Pinterest.
I do remember her telling me about them on Pinterest. And I remember her saying she wanted to make them. But, I don’t think she told me she ACTUALLY made them.

Oh dear. Did she tell me she made them? 
Oh my. Do I listen? I do remember her telling me I don’t listen. 
And Warwick says I don’t listen. 
And if I recall correctly, my mother said I don’t listen. 
Maybe, she did tell me. I don’t know, because I don’t think I listen.

A necklace and bracelet holder/display made from a paper towel roll and duct tape!
And an old dress up shoe made to display her rings!
So clever.

Did I tell you she’s only 12?
And crafty?
And smart?
and MESSY.
I ‘m so proud.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Before I forget. . . . .
What I really wanted to show you was this.

It’s the reason why I went into her room in the first place.
To Put Up The Pin Board I Made For Her.

Isn’t it pretty?
I saw one just like it in the Pottery Barn Teen Magazine.
I won’t even tell you how much it cost.
This. . . . only pennies.

Monogrammed Pin Board !!! 

What You Need:

FABRIC, (enough to cover your pin board)

What To Do:

1. Lay Pin Board on a flat surface. Lay fabric on top. Cut fabric so that it covers all the cork, and half the width of the frame.

2. Pull back half of the fabric, and lightly spray the adhesive onto the cork. Pull the fabric over the adhesive and lightly smooth to remove any wrinkles. Pull the other half of the fabric back, and repeat the process.

3. Using your butter knife, slide the fabric under the edges of the frame.

4. Trace or freely draw a large letter onto scratch  paper. Cut out. 

5. Use this as a stencil to trace the letter onto your felt.  Cut out. Spray adhesive onto the back of the felt letter. Place in the center of your pin board. Hang!

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