My Garden of Weeds and Lawry’s Giveaway Winner Announced. . . . . .

[Winner to the Lawry’s Prize Pack and Rachael Ray Cookware Announced Below]

Gardening is a lot like raising kids.
It seems like a really great idea.
You get super excited, and spend lots of money.
Find spots in your life to plant, sow and reap.
And you do.
And it looks lovely.

And the plants grow, and somehow you missed how they turned into big huge plants.
Because there were so many darn weeds.
Grass weeds.
Clover weeds.
And flower weeds, that were really quite pretty, but had to go because they weren’t in your garden plan.
So then, one day you walk outside to your garden on a hot, hot, summer day, and I’ll be durned if you can’t see the forest for the trees.

There are so many darn weeds! That this place doesn’t even look like a garden anymore.
So you just push up your sleeves, and never mind the mosquitoes and you pull, and you pull, and you pull more weeds.

And the whole time your thinking. . . .I thought gardens were supposed to be pretty. I thought gardens were supposed to be wonderful. Nobody ever told me how many weeds can grow. And that I might get sick of pulling them.

But before you know it. . . . .you’ve pulled every one of those dog gone weeds. And you take out your camera, and take a picture, because you need proof, that you are good. That the things you do are good. That the fruit of your womb and labor and hard work is all good. Very good.

Gardening is hard work.
So is parenthood.
Especially when the kid is a knucklehead. And she always smiles and says “Yes.” And then does what the heck she wants to anyway.

“Soledad! Stop playing in the dirt and pay attention!” Is what I heard her coach yell at her last game.
So I pulled her to the side and pulled the mess out of her weeds.

And for like 3 minutes she was weed free.
And then, they started popping up again.

I know she’s a kid.
I know she’s only 5.
But jeez Louise baby, please give Momma a break.
I’m not sure I’ll make it to her 18th birthday at this rate.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Anyway, enough of all my problems.
You want to know who won the Lawry’s Prize Pack and Rachael Ray Cookware, don’t you?

Well. . .don’t get your panties all in a ruffle.
I’m getting there. I’m getting there.

But first, I would like to say. . . .
I like weeds. Sometimes. . .when they are in the right place and time.
I like my kid. All the time. But wish she would LISTEN.
And I like to cook fancy and complicated things, but NOT AT DINNER.

Which is why I like Lawry’s Seasonings and Marinades. Easy. Peasy.
I made another dinnertisement, just because I like it so much.
Here it is. . . .
And now, I’ll announce the winner of the Lawry’s Prize Pack and Rachael Ray Cookware. . . . .…
Thanks for the giveaway, I think this is my link :p

Contact me at [email protected] in the next 48 hours to claim your prize or another winner will be chosen. Love you!!!

*Disclosure: I was invited to participate in this Lawry’s campaign through my association with The Motherhood. I received a Lawry’s Marinades and seasonings and was compensated for my time and work. All opinions are mine, as they always are, and always will be.
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