My Laundry Room. . . .Redone!

Wanna see somethin’?
I mean it’s not real fancy, or real flashy, but its mine, and I like it.

Before, uuggghhh. Before, it was a horror. A horror I say.  I didn’t even want to step foot into that place.

So, I decided to clean that sucker out.
This is what it looked like before I cleaned it out. . . . . .

And this is what it looked like after I cleaned it out. Better, I think.

Then, I got out the paint, the same color I used in the girl’s bathroom , and I painted with the same kid that helped me paint that other room.

Oh. So pretty. So fresh and so clean. Sooooooooooo clean.
Hopefully it’ll stay this way, with all that crap I have to put back into it.
So I’m gonna try and organize and compartmentalize.
Hide all the cleaning nonsense in baskets!

And get that laundry basket that I keep tripping on OFF the FLOOR!!!!!

And add a bit of pretty, like ceramic switch plates (purchased for Hobby Lobby).

I also added a floor laundry basket that matches the shelf baskets (all purchased from my neighborhood Wal-Mart). So maybe. . . . .just maybe. . . . . my kids might put their soiled socks and softball uniforms into the basket for washing, rather than onto the floor for smelling up my nostrils:(

This door leads to the garage. It’s the door that the family enters through on most occasions. This is the spot where cleats get dropped, shin guards get lost, and flip flops get flipped and flopped.  The over the door shoe hanger helps keep things organized. . . .

And for the purtay, I bought a new floor mat. . . .to dress things up a bit.

And for the functional crazy lady in my life who is going to poke her eyes out with her car keys if she has to step over ONE MORE GYM BAG or loses her PURSE ONE MORE TIME. . . . . .

The always handy and neat Wall Peg Holder thing.
Love THIS!

There is also a white erase board with calender and a battery organizer to help keep things in order and on time. . . . .
And a perfect little space right next to my dryer to keep my steam cleaners and vacuum!

And that’s it! My LAUNDRY ROOM!!!! My sweet accomplishment this week!

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16 thoughts on “My Laundry Room. . . .Redone!

  1. Congratulations!  It looks great! 🙂 We have got together soon!  I have ups and downs with keeping our  laundry room tidy and yours looks the same size as mine! 

    1. Thanks!!!! Yes, we do!!!  I’m hoping things will slow down around here with the end of school. . .so maybe this summer?

      Oh, tell me about it. Ups and downs. I’m hoping this up last longer than the last down:O)

  2. It looks so professional (does that even make sense?!)!  I love that pain color in there and how you got the basket off the floor.  I am SO bummed our new place doesn’t have laundry in unit (alas, you can’t always get what you want) and I am going to be subjected to the communal laundry room come June…. 

    1. Yes, it does make sense! And if it doesn’t, it makes me feel good so that trumps everything!!!!!!

      Oh no. Communal laundry room. Hmmmm. Just think “Friends” and Rachel and Ross washing laundry in the communal laundry mat. And how they fell in love. Maybe you and Lukus could rekindle some romance. . .maybe. . .

  3. Wow! Congrats! You graduated as a decorator also! Love everything, the switch plates, organizers, pegs, everything! That color is sooo pretty too, love it. Would you mind sharing the name and brand? Pretty please?

    1. Of course!  Because I love you and I’m a sucker for compliments:) Running upstairs to check. . . .

      Okay Brand  is Behr Premium Plus Ultra.

      The color is Burnished Metal – UL260-17

      It looks very gray and dark online. You can view it at But actually the color is much more muted and more blue. I just love it!!!

  4. Looks great! I love the switch plates. Way to get organised. I love to see how other people modify and tidy up their space. Have a great weekend.

    1. So do I! And thank you!!!

      I wish I could go through all my friends houses and see how they organize their daily lives.  I’d promise not to dig thru their unmentionables:)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE those switch plates!  Everything looks SO CLEAN AND ORGANIZED!

    Now, I need to remember that I want to go to Hobby Lobby before Sunday.  Why is that I NEED something from Hobby Lobby or Chick Fil A on a Sunday?

    Can you tell me, Nicki Woo?

    1. I ALWAYS NEED SOMETHING FROM THEM ON SUNDAY!!! This Sunday it was scrapbook paper for my kiddo. (For those of you reading. . .who don’t know. .  .Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays. . .) So my friend, You better just remember to go on saturday, because I’ll be of absolutely not hizzy help. Sorry for ya.

      But thank you indeed for your kind words about my laundry room. I hope it stays that way!

      1.  You know what, I truly do appreciate their commitment to their values, though. 


  6. We have much the same laundry room, and much the same problems – I am so sick of tripping over shoes!  We also have the same Dyson Ball vacuum, and identical ironing boards (Walmart, right?).  So I’m thinking. . .  now that you’ve inspired me, perhaps my laundry room can be that clean and organized too.

    1. Oh! the Shoes! The bain of my existence!!!  Hah! That’s funny. . .but somehow I’m not surprised that we have many of the same things. . .whenever I’m reading your [ blog ]   I’m always thinking at how similiar we are:)  Yes, it can be clean! It can be organized! You’ll love it. . .and then you just go in there to sit and be happy.  I’m tellin you. It’ll happen.

  7. Wow! This looks great. You can come over and do mine next. 🙂 It’s way smaller and basically a “pass-thru” so super hard to keep organized. I love the shoe hanger thing at the entry/exit door–great idea!

    1. Thanks Brenda! Mine is pretty small too, but funny how when its clean it suddenly looks so much bigger:) Hope it stays that way. . . .here’s to good efforts!!!

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