My Laundry Room. . . .Redone!

Wanna see somethin’?
I mean it’s not real fancy, or real flashy, but its mine, and I like it.

Before, uuggghhh. Before, it was a horror. A horror I say.  I didn’t even want to step foot into that place.

So, I decided to clean that sucker out.
This is what it looked like before I cleaned it out. . . . . .

And this is what it looked like after I cleaned it out. Better, I think.

Then, I got out the paint, the same color I used in the girl’s bathroom , and I painted with the same kid that helped me paint that other room.

Oh. So pretty. So fresh and so clean. Sooooooooooo clean.
Hopefully it’ll stay this way, with all that crap I have to put back into it.
So I’m gonna try and organize and compartmentalize.
Hide all the cleaning nonsense in baskets!

And get that laundry basket that I keep tripping on OFF the FLOOR!!!!!

And add a bit of pretty, like ceramic switch plates (purchased for Hobby Lobby).

I also added a floor laundry basket that matches the shelf baskets (all purchased from my neighborhood Wal-Mart). So maybe. . . . .just maybe. . . . . my kids might put their soiled socks and softball uniforms into the basket for washing, rather than onto the floor for smelling up my nostrils:(

This door leads to the garage. It’s the door that the family enters through on most occasions. This is the spot where cleats get dropped, shin guards get lost, and flip flops get flipped and flopped.  The over the door shoe hanger helps keep things organized. . . .

And for the purtay, I bought a new floor mat. . . .to dress things up a bit.

And for the functional crazy lady in my life who is going to poke her eyes out with her car keys if she has to step over ONE MORE GYM BAG or loses her PURSE ONE MORE TIME. . . . . .

The always handy and neat Wall Peg Holder thing.
Love THIS!

There is also a white erase board with calender and a battery organizer to help keep things in order and on time. . . . .
And a perfect little space right next to my dryer to keep my steam cleaners and vacuum!

And that’s it! My LAUNDRY ROOM!!!! My sweet accomplishment this week!

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