Something I found on Pintrest. . . .A DIY Watering Can made from a Milk Jug!

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Is it weird that I’m 36 and I’m making a Birthday Wish List?
Don’t tell me.
I don’t want to know.

I just figure since my birthday and Mother’s Day are coming up, that maybe somebody might want to give me something I ACTUALLY WANT.
And the items might be a little pricey.
So they might want to save up. A little.

This is what I have so far.

1.Garage Shelves.
2. XL Canvas (4) to re-create this pottery barn picture.

3. Wall Paint (in a fun-ish color) for the wall the runs along the stairs.
4. A NEW CAMERA (mine is broken, I’ve been borrowing my 11 year olds)
5. Bike
6.Spin Shoes
7. Cleaning Lady
8. Clothes
9. Tennis Shoes
10. Dress Shoes
10.5 Cleaning Lady
11. Sandals
12. Ipad
13. A hook to put on my key chain so that I can attach them to the side of my purse so I don’t end up taking 16 minutes to fish them out in a rain storm.
13.5 Cleaning Lady

I was going to ask for an extension to my garden but I got that already. We put it in last week, I think. I mean I know we put it in. I’m just not sure when we did it. My days are all running together.

I could ask for more flowers and vegetable plants, which I really do want, but I already feel like Garage Shelves, Art Canvas, Wall Paint, And a Camera are all sort of communal presents. So, I think I’ll just go to the garden nursery and get what I want and call it a day.

Which brings me to another point. . . . . .
Why I’m I so loathsome of the idea of ACTUALLY spending money on myself, that I must wait for the one time a year that I get presents and pray to high heaven that one of these crazy fools that live in my house actually reads my blog to know WHAT I WANT.

That’s craziness.

A garden is lovely.
But, it does not a present make.
Because this is what it looks like at the end of winter, and it ain’t no picnic, if you know what I mean.

Although, it is kind of like a present to go outside and breath the fresh air.
And dig, and get really dirty. And see dirt under my nails.

Oh. It’s definitely a present when you discover a pepper plant that has been hiding under all the brush.

And let’s not forget the basil. That is definitely a present that the Basil has reseeded itself and saved me the trouble of buying all new plants. Look. So cute and yummy. All I had to do was dig them up and tuck them all into a little corner all snugly like.

That really was sweet for them to come back again.

And such a present that it has been raining steadily here in Houston. I’ve barely had to water the plants at all.

Oh. Yeah. And this little guy. My very own Garden Pooper Keeper. He stays by side, poops in my yard and keeps all those naughty, naughty cats away.

I guess my garden is my gift.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I love Pintrest, almost as much as I love my garden.

And I found this brilliant idea by way of said wonderful site. The idea comes from a really great blog, A Journey to a Dream. Check it out if you want the step by step. Her pics are better. I just did this rush, rush, at 4:30 am one morning. Hence, the darkness ; )

What you Need:

Milk Jug
Pin (I used a safety pin. You could use a needle)

What To Do:

1. Heat the end of you pin with the lighter for a few seconds.

2. Using the heated pin, poke holes into the top of your milk jug cap.

3. Pop the lid back onto the jug! And pour, pour, pour away!

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