How To Remove Urine From Your Carpet

I suppose there are a lot of reasons why urine could be on your carpet.

Like maybe, you were working in Washington DC, and your cousin came by to visit. Then, your cousin took you out for a night on the town, and when you two returned he/she was too drunk to go home. So he/she spent the night, and peed on your hotel room floor. Maybe.

Or maybe, you met this really great guy in college,  who was an athlete and was cuter than pie. He was funny, charming, and had crazy fun friends.  So because he liked you so much, you guys would hang out all the time, and you would go to parties with him and his friends. And because he was so responsible, he would barely drink, so that you could. And you did. A LOT. And one night, you drank 4 bottles of Purple Passion, and threw up so hard that you peed on yourself, and said carpet. Maybe.

Or possibly some idiot told you that when you had your first born, and when you were ready to potty train you should remove your toddlers pants and diapers, without replacing them with panties, and just let her run around the house until she had to go wee-wee. “She’ll let you know when she’s ready.” The idiot said. “She won’t like the feeling of peeing on herself, ” the idiot repeated. But she did like the feeling of peeing on herself. And she didn’t tell you when she was ready. And she peed all over your carpet. Maybe.

But, NONE of these reasons have anything to do with why I have urine on my carpet.

I have urine on my carpet because my puppy is a PEE MACHINE.
A Urine extractor.
A Wee Wolf.

I have set a schedule.  I follow him around the house everywhere he goes. But yet and still, there is pee on the carpet. In various spots, throughout the room. And I’m disgusted, because it’s disgusting.

I can’t yell at him, because he doesn’t understand. I just quick pick him up, take him outside and say, “Lucky. Potty. Lucky. Potty. Lucky. Potty. Lucky. Potty. Lucky. Potty.” You get the point.

And then he does, because he can pee on command. And I pick him up and snuggle him right behind his ear. And tell him what a good boy he is. Because he is. And I love him. Because, somehow I know that pee being on my carpet is not the worst thing possible.  Even though it might smell like it.

How to Get Urine Out of Your Carpet

First let me say this. I have purchased a lot of Dog Cleaners/Urine Removers in the past week ranging from $1-$10 and I gotta say, they all suck.  NONE of them removed the smell from my carpet. If I can put my noise down to the spot on the carpet, and still smell ‘not so freshness’ (however faint) it’s not good enough for me.  The solution below, has worked best for me, removing all traces of Lucky’s scent.

What you need:

Paper Towels
White Vinegar
Spray Bottle, optional (but you’ll need some type of container to keep the solution in.)
Black Light, optional
Scrub Brush
Baking Soda

What To Do:

1. Locate the offending spot. If your dog is peeing willy nilly, and you’re not sure where all the urine could be, turn out the lights in the room, and turn on a black light. The urine will glow, and Voila! You’ll know where the stank is coming from.

2.Once the spot is located, if it is still wet, blot it up with a paper towel. Try to remove as much urine as possible. If the spot is already, dry, its ok. This method still works.

3. Mix a solution of 50% Water 50% White Vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray on urine.  Saturate well. Often, I just take the screw top off the bottle and pour the mixture directly over the stain.  Brush hard and thoroughly to make sure the solution goes deep into the fibers of the carpet and down into the pad.  Be diligent. If you don’t saturate it well, and agitate, the scent will return, and so will your dog, and the whole process will start all. over. again.

3. Once the spot is almost dry (you can use a wet/dry vac to speed up the process) Sprinkle baking soda over the newly cleaned areas. Allow to sit for 5 minutes. Vacuum. You’re done. Or if your neurotic like me, then you can then steam clean your carpet, just to be safe.

Got any ideas to help me house-train my new pup?  Heeeelllllpppppp!!!!!!!

Does the match trick help? Is that unhumane? You don’t know what in the heck I’m talking about? Be glad. And ummm. . .don’t google it.

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10 thoughts on “How To Remove Urine From Your Carpet

  1. I did it the easy way.  Puppy piddle pads and newspaper.  Once the puppy got used to peeing on the paper, I moved it closer to the door.  Then outside.  It worked for 4 of the dogs.  The last one (that I think has some serious mental issues) will go outside AND on newspaper.  Where ever there is newspaper.  So we don’t spread the paper on the floor and read it anymore – she gets too excited and starts to squat.  I’m just saying.  It worked on 90% of the dogs in our zoo.  Good Luck.  😉

    1. Umm. I think a certain someone has never sipped another slurp of that purple poison. Red, yellow, green, and blue poisons, yes. Purple, no.

  2. I have a peeing mashine too but that is because he is 16 and probably thinks he is peeing outside, thank goodess to him carpets were the first thing we eliminated

    1. yes. thank goodness we don’t have too much carpet. but what we do have, he has found. . .and found. . .and found.  so it’s good to know we’ll be looking for another round of this in about 15 years. maybe I’ll have hard woods by then:)

  3. I am crying I am laughing so hard……. oh my gosh!!!! BUT SERIOUSLY—- I couldn’t read the actual instructions because I have decided that there is no reason for anyone in my home to be peeing on the carpet.  NO REASON.  So until there is a reason, I do not want to know how to deal with it.  HOWEVER, when the time comes and there is a reason to know this information, well, then I will ask you and you can refer me back to this post.  Deal?

  4. I have no idea how to help. Just wanted to let you know that your puppy is the cutest pile of pee machine that I’ve ever seen. the end. 

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