Movie Review ~ X-Men: The First Class

It’s dark.
My palms are sweaty.
The music is loud, pounding furiously in my head as my heart skips a beat.
MacTaggert has pulled out a gun, and time stops.

A whirlwind of thoughts go through my mind.
Damn I love this movie.
Why haven’t my genes mutated into something cool like the power to change my appearance or telepathic tendencies?
I love superheroes with accents.
I really wish I hadn’t purchased that X-Large drink.

Fun. Fast Paced. Explosive, full-throttle adventure.

X-Men: First Class takes us back to the very beginning. First to the childhoods of telepath Charles Xavier and magnetically charged Erik Lensherr. We meet Charles (James McAvoy) living a priveledged life in Westchester who takes in a fellow mutant girl, Raven (later played by Jennifer Lawrence).

Erik’s beginning is much different. He is suffering in a Poland concentration camp and is discovered by the evil Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon).

The remainder of the movie is set during the cool vibe of the early 1960’s where Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) first meet, and become friends before their ultimate demise into mortal enemies.

Turbulent times abound in the the world they live in. As the nation struggles with the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement, the threat of sudden global extinction looms. Not to be sidestepped by an equally formidable crux, the issue of civil rights, and the threat of imprisonment or elimination should the mutants reveal themselves in order to save the world.

Not small problems my friends.
And not a movie you want to bring your 5 year old too.
Unless you fancy a week of nightmares.

Whether a fan of the movies, comics, or a casual movie goer, the plot and theme are seemingly easy to follow. Fans receive answers to questions that have long intrigued their minds like 1.) How did the X-Men come together? 2.)Why is Charles in a wheelchair?  3.) Where did the X-Mansion and Cerebro come from? 

I loved that all these powers in various forms could drive men to do wickedly horrible things. Dutifully demonstrated by Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon).

But what I really made me want to kiss every person in the theater, was that the SAME power was even MORE magnificent when it didn’t come from a place of hate, but rather a place of love.

The reason why I’m so infatuated with X-Men?
It highlights that the things that make us different and unique. It shows us that the very things that can often cause us hardship are also the very things that make us shine. It’s as if Professor X is telling each one of us, ‘Great talents reside within us too.’ And if we just nurture them, we can use our powers as a gift to mankind.

And just in case your wondering. . . . . .
My favorite character (at the moment) was the Beast (Nicholas Hoult). He was timid, strong, smart, and when he harnessed his beast from within, he was AMAZING.

Ask me again tomorrow, and it might Mystique. Or Professor X. Or maybe Magneto. . . .or . . . ..

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