Thursday Afternoon Funnies. . . .

Today was Hot Dogs with Dad’s at Soledad’s Preschool.

She made her dad this lovely Cowgirl Picture Frame complete with one cowgirl. Her.

She colored a picture that looked just like Daddy.
Lovely bronze skin.
Curly black hair.
Dapper collared shirt.

On the back of the picture there were a list of sentences where she had to fill in the blank.  It was all about Daddy.  This is what she said.

About my Dad

My Dad’s first name is WARWICK.

He is       81       years old.  His favorite food is      soup         .

He spends most of his time doing these things :            eating with me and playing with me and working on the computer.     

I think my Dad knows how to       fix TVs         better than anyone in the whole world.

His favorite toys are      football toys            .

I think he likes to spend his time       playing with his wife          most of all.

By:      Soledad.

Gotta love that kid.

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