GIVEAWAY!!!!! Dole Fruit Bowls in 100% Juice ~ 6 packages of four!!!

Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day. . . . .

And because I love you soooooo much. . . . . .

And I really, really, really, understand parajumper the importance of a sweet snack. . . .

that doesn’t make you feel like you’ll need to curl up and take a long nap.

One that will give you plenty of energy for kissing, and hugging, and of course reading my blog.

I am giving away to TWO Lucky Readers . . . . .

6 Dole Fruit Bowl four-packs in 100% Juice that come in a variety of assorted flavors. 

Like Pineapple Tidbits
Diced Apples
Cherry Mixed Fruit
Tropical Fruit
and Diced Peaches
Dole is introducing the first product line of its kind, to be packed in 100% juice, that contains absolutely no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.
Dole Fruit Bowls packed in 100% juice can be found nationwide in 8 different varieties including, pineapple, tropical fruit, mixed fruit, diced peaches, diced pears, cherry mixed fruit, diced apples, and mandarin oranges. parajumperjackorse All individually sealed in 4 oz cups with easy to open peel off lids.
Here’s what the little jokers that live in my house said about it:
Shelbi (10 – tropical fruit) – Yeah, they’re really good.  I think they taste more like fresh fruit.  Can I bring one to school in my lunch?
Bella (6 – tropical fruit) –  Wow, it’s a little sweet.  I really like the pineapple.
Soledad (4 – diced apples) – I WANT SOME MORE! I WANT SOME MORE!  Do I have to go to bed?
Phoebe ( 19 months – diced peaches) – Dada Dada Dada. Mmmmmm.
Drooling yet????  
Here’s how to enter:
Just answer the following question in the comments section of this post.
What is your favorite fruit is the whole wide world, and Why?
One entry per person.  I know how to count to 2. So don’t even try it.
The Dole Fruit Bowl Giveaway will close February 17, 2011 at midnight CST. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 18th, 2011.  They will be chosen randomly using
***Just in case your wondering.  Mine is passion fruit, picked directly from the tree because it’s sweet, yet tart, with crunchy seedy bits, and it drips all over you face when you eat it.  I like interactive fruit.
Love you guys!  Good Luck!!!!

Giveaway sponsored by the kind folks @ Dole.

Retail Price: $2.89 per package of 4
Cost to Me: FREE
Cost to You if you Win: Fa-reezy-dilly-free

Click here to see winners.

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