SWAGG App for IPhone and Android

I feel like Charlie Brown.

You know, all conflicted and unsure inside. Wanting everyone to be happy with my decisions and my ideas, but totally determined to tell the truth.  Darned if you do. Darned if you don’t.

Charlie Brown is a bit of a knuckle head.  I love him anyway. And you’ve got to admit, he was totally right about that little Christmas tree.  It was the best one.  It cleaned up really well.

I’m a bit of a knuckle head too. All excited about SWAGG, a new app for your IPhone or Android. But I’ve been feeling like a crazy head trying to use it.

What it’s supposed to be: A way to deal with the overabundance of gift cards, loyalty and memberships cards that clutter up your wallet.  You load your gift cards onto to your phone, making them digital. Voila! You get to throw away all the clutter. Great idea.  But uhhhh. . . . . .there were some problems.

And therein starts this Christmas Tale. The story of the girl who received a SWAGG gift to American Eagle for $20 but had a whole lot of trouble using it.

Me, all excited goes to the mall. Shops.  Ponders. Decides. Goes to the cash register.

I start to get a little nervous, because I’m thinking, they’re going to think I’m weird. Digital gift card on my phone. Cool. Me handing them my phone telling them to do what it says. Weird. Me holding my camera in my hand trying to take pictures. Weird. Crying baby, who I think just made a poopy, weird and smelly.

There was lots of bumbling, and lots of mumbling. A call to the assistant manager.  Then a call to the manager.

“Use it as a gift card,” one person barks.

“No, no, no, type it in as a credit card, ” another person corrects.

Round and round in circles we went, until the smell of my babies diaper brought us all to a grinding halt. In the end, they couldn’t get the card to work.  I’m not sure why. But, for my time http://www.webokase.frand trouble they gave me a discount that would have equalled the $20, and off I went on my merry, stinkin’ way.

When I got home, I was determined to make the SWAGG App work.

So, I sit down at my computer and go to American Eagle’s Website. I shop. I load things into my cart. I click checkout.  I enter my information, as a CREDIT CARD (as the instructions on the App indicate) and the website accepts it.

But. . . my total was $21 and some change. And I only have $20 on my gift card. And there was no way to enter another credit card to take care of the difference.  I get a receipt in my email saying the order has been processed, but I’m a little nervous.

2 hours pass.  The phone rings.  It’s American Eagle Customer Service. Big Shock.

“Ma’am, there has been a problem with your order. It didn’t go through.  Is there another Robes de bal courte credit card you’d like to use?”

“No, there isn’t.” I say depressed. And I go on to explain my story.

This is the conclusion that the Online American Eagle Customer Service Lady and I came to. The order would have gone through had it been less than $20. But since it was over, it was denied. Had it been processed like a gift card (which as of now you can’t do) they could have combined my gift card and my credit card. But no dice. So now if I want to use the card, I have to buy something that totals $20 or less including shipping and taxes.

Good look finding something that comes to exactly $20. Which means, there will be money left on the card, and you my friend, lose money.

End Result: Great idea, with a lot of potential.  But the kinks need to be worked out.  I tried making an online purchase again for a total of $16.15 and it seems to have worked so far.

How does this relate to Charlie Brown?

SWAGG is the little Christmas Tree. It needs some love, and some attention, but it’s a great idea.  Hopefully, they’ll regroup and work the kinks out to make it shine to its full potential.

Want the App? Go here  http://bit.ly/swaggislive
Every download in the month of December = $1 donation from SWAGG to Stand Up 2 Cancer

For more information go to http://www.swagg.com/#/home

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