Super Quick Gingerbread House

The four year old is out to ruin Christmas for the whole lot of us.

Tuesday, 11:00 am, Dollar Tree

Me:  Okay gang.  Let’s split up. Shelbi and Bella you guys shop and grab your presents. I’ll take Soledad with me and we’ll grab her presents.  We’ll meet up at the front of the store when we’re done.

All:   Okay.

The oldest girls, are on their way.  I’m left staring at the 4 year old, face to face.

Me:  You know we are not shopping for you, right?

4 year old:  Yes, presents for my sisters.  That’s it.

Me:  Don’t ask me to buy you anything.  We are here to purchase for other people.  Not you.  Got it?

4 year old:  Yes.

15 seconds later.

4 year old:  Can I have this Minnie Mouse Doll?  I really love it.

Me:  No.

4 year old:  Why?

Me:  BECAUSE we are not shopping for you.

4 year old:  Hmmmm. Well then, I think Shelbi wants this for Christmas. *holds up Minnie Mouse Doll*

Me:  I was not born yesterday, I see your evil scheme, and I will stop it.  Nobody can have the Minnie Mouse Doll.  Pick something else.

Minutes pass with this entire scheme replaying like a bad nightmare. We’re still in the toy section, when Shelbi and Bella show up.

Soledad:  Hey Bella! Look what I’m getting you for Christmas!  Do you really love this Pony Doll?  It’s pink and blue.


Bella:  Soledad, you’re not really supposed to tell me what you’re getting me.  It’s supposed to be a surprise.

Soledad:  Fine. I was just trying to make sure you really wanted it it. Humph.

I pull Soledad out of the Toy Section, as she yells to her sisters all sorts of Christmas secrets.
We finally check out at the cash register, and make it to the car.

All of my girls are settling into their seats as I toss the stroller in the trunk, when I hear some murmuring and a bit of muffled laughter.

Shelbi:  Soledad. Soledad.  What did you get me for Christmas?

Me in the background:  I hope nobody is telling secrets they should not be telling!

Shelbi: Soli! Give me a hint.  What did you get me?

Soledad:  I can’t tell YOU.  *sits thinking*

“Self,” Soledad my crazily bright sometimes naughty 4 year old says VERY LOUDLY to herself, “I bought Shelbi an iPhone Sticker. I bought Shelbi an iPhone Sticker. Self. Did you hear me? I bought Shelbi an iPhone Sticker.”

That kid is going to be the death of me.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Give that 4 year old some candy, some graham crackers and something to do, to get her mind off ruining Christmas.

Maybe I’m being harsh.

I’ll admit it was nice when she allowed me to pick my very own dollar present.

But just in case she decides to spill any more secrets, I’ll head her off at the pass.
Armed with icing, candy, and sugared cereal.  She won’t know what hit her.

We made these “gingerbread houses” out our local library. They were super easy, fun, and didn’t involve royal icing.  All the ingredients can be purchased right off the shelf.

Super Quick Gingerbread  Houses

These “Gingerbread Houses” won’t last a long as the traditional, but they are super fun and easy to make, and even more of a delight to eat.  If the houses are left to sit overnight, they will harden.

What You Need:

Small empty clean single serving milk carton (Or any small box )
Paper Plate
Plastic Knife/Spoon or Popsicle Stick
Prepared White Butter Cream Icing
Sheets of Graham Crackers
Colorful Candies
Sugared Cereal (Frosted Mini Wheats make a good roof.  Lucky Charms has fun colorful marshmallows)
Sprinkles and Powdered Sugar

What To Do:

1. Place milk carton on plate.  Mound icing on the side of the plate.
2. Using the plastic utensil spread icing on the sides of the carton.  Place graham crackers on top in the shape of a house. Don’t forget the roof!
3. Place icing strategically on the house and decorate with candy and cereal. 
4. Once complete, sprinkle with Powdered Sugar (snow) and sprinkles.

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