4 thoughts on “Mosquitoes Suck

  1. Poor little Pheebes! Did the doctor suggest benadryl for the swelling or did you have to take her in. A cool compress would probably feel good if she’d let you put it on there. Let me know how she’s doing. I don’t guess Shelbi has designs on pediatric medicine, huh? -EW

  2. Awww gosh, poor baby! Is she doing better now? What did the doctor recommend??
    I hear you re. mosquitos. I have a personal war going on with them. They’re my nightmare.

  3. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the comments. She is doing much better now. Doc says benadryl and a cold compress. Feebs says only benadryl. Well atleast I tried.

    Everybody got ice cream out of me for having to deal with the trauma of looking at poor Feebs for a whole day, looking so sad and pathetic. All is well now. . .Until next time. . .

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