Ribbon Flip Flops

I like to call my little lovelies, the flip floppers. Not to their face, of course. Just to their virtual face in my mind.

They can wake up utterly happy, smiling and promising me kisses and hugs, and before you know it, their heads start turning circles, spinning completely off their axis, and immediately burst into complaining, fussy spheres attached to humanoid bodies, that begin tearing each others limbs off. Yet all one has to do, is whisper the word chocolate or the name of some other sweet confection and my sweet baby girls return again.

Laughing and talking about how funny it was when her older sister tried to remove one of her limbs.

Agreeing to the aforementioned notion with an air of complacency as she licks every morsel of creaminess off every inch of her hand.

Completely entranced by her newly found skill of blowing air into sticky bubble skins, and crossing her eyes in the same instance.

Giggling, and hugging, and tickling, with the realization that the most wonderful human being in the whole entire world, is sitting here, right next to her.

Aaaahhhh, the beauty of convections.

The simplicity of the sweet.
Life with all things salty, could not be called a treat.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Why don’t you go grab something sweet, and try out this flippity flop craft. My flip floppers had a lot of fun making these summer shoes, whilst yelling, pushing, and complaining about their sisters.  The chocolate can only last so long.

These are super easy to make, and can distract your sister while you reattach your severed arm.

What you need:

Flip Flops

Ribbon or Material cut into ¼ – ¾ “ wide strips cut with pinking sheers



What to Do:

1. Cut ribbon approximately 4 inches long (you may need to cut it longer or shorter depending on the size of the flip flop you are decorating).

2. Using your lighter, seal each end so they don’t fray. You do this by holding the flame up to the end of the ribbon. It isn’t necessary to touch the material with the flame. If you hold them very close to one another, you will see the heat melt and seal the edges of the ribbon.

3. Start tying the ribbons around the straps of the flip flop. Begin where the arch of the foot will rest, and work your way up to the center, and back down to the opposite side of your foot. Each ribbon should be tied twice, making a standard knot to insure that the ribbon stays in place.

It’s helpful to work on both shoes at the same time, ensuring that the shoes are uniform when complete.

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  1. I just knew you wouldn’t disappoint, Nicole–always something yummy or crafty in your bag of tricks. I thought you were already on your way to a couples vacation with Warwick, but I kept checking your blog…just in case you weren’t gone yet. Might have to doctor up some flip flops for the 4th. Thanks for sharing and keeping your viewers supplied with craft ideas. We’re having your beef broccoli for dinner tonight! -E

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