A New Surprise Everyday

Sometimes I look at my children, and think, wait a minute. . . .who are you?

Today, the answer to that question was Shelbi, age 9, Culinary Chef Extraordinaire.

That darling, strong headed, know it all, cute as can be kid came tumbling down the stairs this morning wanting to make breakfast.  “Okay,  but if you make anything fancy,” I said leerily, “make some for your sisters too.”

“Okay,” and she was off.

Thirty minutes later she returned with a plate for me.

How did I not know she could make perfectly scrambled eggs? And look it’s so pretty. All the colors on the plate. . . . . . and so fanciful with the organization of it all.  Oh my, ~ is that hot peppermint tea, with cream? Kid, I’ve been waiting for you all my life.

And then, I gobbled it up in two seconds flat.

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