Commercialized Fast Food/Coffee Addicted Junkee

I bought this lovely reusable tumbler the other day. It’s clear, and beautiful, and very smartly designed. It looks like a real Starbucks cup! Very clever. And the kicker, it’s double insulated with a screw top lid. Divine!

I love, love, love this cup.

My husband, does not.

“Nicole, it’s like you’re drinking out of a permanent styrafoam McDonald’s cup, ALL THE TIME. It makes you look like a fast food junkee.”

“But I’m not.”

“But you look like one.”

“So what? I know I’m not. And you know I’m not. So who cares if everyone else thinks I am.  I still won’t be.”

“Okay, I’ll buy you a Burger King cup on my way home from work.”

“Really?” smiles eagerly at the mere thought.

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