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Vegetable Garden: Day One | Nicki Woo - the Home Guru

Vegetable Garden: Day One

I am over the moon excited about my new venture. A vegetable garden.  For me, it’s as if I am molding my very own secret garden, with winding pathways, and lush canopy’s that whisper my name. It’s true, my piece of earth is only 14 X 3.5 ft, so dare I say, I won’t get lost within its ever flourishing green vegetation, but my mind will. No, my mind has.

It’s beautiful and marvelous that such a simple thing, can remind you of what it means to be here, on this earth, in this world. It’s the reason why I can’t wait to share it with my family once again. When my girls and I tend to our garden, pull weeds, and harvest our vegetables, I won’t have to tell them, look at what a wonderful life God gives you.  They will already know. 

Every time they pull a succulent tomato off the vine, I won’t have to remind them of the beauty that surrounds us all the time. They will already know. 

When they step out into the garden in the humid evening to find okra that has grown bounds in a single day, I won’t have to tell them that life goes by so fast. They will already know.

This summer when we sit in the grass munching on cucumbers crispy and fresh, I won’t have to tell them that hard work pays off.  They will already know.

When they pick a leaf from the Stevia plant, they will taste just how sweet life is. And when we make salsa with the peppers from our pepper plant, they will know that a fire lies deep within us all.

Some believe that gardening is for simple people.  But to me, there is nothing simple about it.

Here’s a peak at some of the stuff we are planting this year. . . . .

This is a watermelon. . . .uuuhhhhh, maybe.  It wasn’t labeled, it was the last one left, and part of it is bent in a bad way. The nursery guy said he’d give it to me TAX FREE, because he was too lazy to go and find his manager. So, I said SOLD. 

Originally, I told my kids under no circumstances will we be growing watermelon, “THEY TAKE UP TOO MUCH ROOM!” But when I saw this sad pathetic creature (the plant, not the nursery guy), I wondered if God was trying to stage an intervention and I figured I better not take any chances.

This is Stevia.  I can hardly contain my eagerness as I type those letters.  This plant is completely crazy, and ohhhhhh so much fun. The leaves are 30 X’s sweeter than sugar. When you put them in your mouth, it tastes kind of like Sugar Cane. What could be bad about that?  When I saw the plant, I knew I had to have it. I think it will be fun inventing recipes with my kids with Stevia in mind.  I’m not sure how well it will grow in Texas, but it’ll be fun trying.

 Oh, lovely, lovely arugula.  Nobody in my family likes this plant, BUT I DON’T CARE!!!! I’ve tried to share with them the beauty of its smooth texture and peppery bight, but all they give me in return are negative comments and scowls.  So I say to them, “Chastise me if you must, but I’m putting it in your sandwiches!”

We are also planting tomatoes, Okra, Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Basil, and Thyme. Oh, oh, oh and some oregano and strawberries that I neglected to kill from last years garden. Here’s to killing fewer plants this year!

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