Leaving an Impression: Front Foyer – Entryway Table

I’ll admit it; I want people to like me.  I want them to think I’m cool, smart, and really pretty.  Is that shallow?  Well maybe, but it’s the truth.

People should love you, for you, yeh, yeh, yeh . . . . no need for a lecture.  But the fact of the matter remains, when you’re an adult, friends are a lot harder to come by. 

So, if some lonely soul is wandering around my neighborhood, looking for a friend, only to stumble across my doorstep, I don’t want them to walk through my doorway and exclaim,”What the heck? This is a mess of a house! These people suck!”

So in my mission to leave a good impression, I have attempted to make a welcoming entryway out of my boring and empty foyer. The idea is to make my family appear to be trendy, organized and well read, while still showing who we are at heart.

1.) We are a family who gets along well enough to take family photos.
2.) We are literate, or we like people to believe we are.
3.) We have a plant that we have not yet killed, so maybe we won’t kill you.
4.) We have a maroon lamp, so we must like light and we know how to match.

That about sums us up.  So now when guests walk through our doorway, maybe they’ll say, “What a lovely home! Such creative, modern, and lovely people.”

And that will be all the time I need to blindfold them and force them to be my friend.

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