EASY Weeknight Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Pizza Dough (Don’t be scared!)

Sadly (or happily) I’m addicted to BBC America.  My absolute favorite show on BBC America is You Are What You Eat.  The host of the show, Gillian Mckeith goes to the houses of overweight British people and tells them what horrible, horrible eating habits they have.  Then she throws a weeks load of “rubbish” that they eat on a table, and calls them pigs.  They go on some mad crazy diet for like 6 weeks, eating only lettuce, lentils, and weird green smoothies, to find that they have lost a certain Read more […]

100% Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Tortillas

Has somebody ever told you something, that sprang from their lips, drifted through the air, and just smack dab slapped you in the face like a sack of potatoes?I mean just knocked the mess out of you, making you lie prostate,  flat as a tortilla ( a whole wheat and flax seed one), rocking yourself, thinking. . .where in the world did that come from?Well, I’m sure by now your guessing, I have.  And you know who did it, he did.  He’s the only one who can affect me that way. The one who I actually Read more […]

Carrot Muffins

Because the baby is quickly turning into a toddler and wants only grown-up food.Because yesterday I just realized that Soledad’s nail is coming off. All the way off.Because Bella is a sweet angel who often gets caught in the destructive misfire of her siblings shenanigans.Because Shelbi is growing up so fast, that I want to stop and just freeze this moment.Because Warwick is a little bossy, but probably gets as good as he gives.And because, I’m hoping today I won’t completely lose it and go running Read more […]

Mini Funnel Cakes & Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Right now, I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I’m reading it in anticipation of the movie that’s coming out with Julia Roberts.The book is basically about one woman’s hiliarious, self depricating, spiritual journey to find herself as she travels through Italy, India, and Indonesia.  She was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, which is all the encouragement I need to read the book.  Sorry Oprah haters.So far, I’m up to Chapter 67. She’s still in India, and her soul has just merged Read more […]

5 minute Pumpkin Muffins (only two ingredients needed)

We’ve been spending A LOT of time at the softball park.  Consequently, Soledad has been spending A LOT of time getting to know the mothers, grandmothers, and aunts of the softball players.  Before each and every game, Warwick and I have a long talk with her.”Now, listen Soli. People come to the softball game to WATCH the game.  They can’t watch the game if they’re worried about talking to you. TODAY, we are going to sit by ourselves, eat our snack, and cheer for your sister. YOU ARE NOT Read more […]

Garlic Bread (Kinda Like Little Caesar’s But Whole Wheat and Not Made By Little Caesar)

Ssssshhhhhhh.  Come here. *looks over her shoulder nervously*  I need to tell you something, but I don’t want my husband to hear.  He says it’s not funny. He thinks I’m going crazy.Because. . .I think my baby is a vampire. Are you still there?No, not the Transylvania, cape wearing, “I vant to suck your blood” type.  The Edward Cullen, beautiful, sparkle in the sun, vegetarian, Twilight type. Don’t laugh.  I’m not joking.I know it sounds ridiculous. I’ll give you that.  But just give me a Read more […]