September 2, 2010

Moving Made Easier

It’s two and a half years after my move from Dallas to Houston, and I’m still not completely moved in.

There are boxes in places that I dare not mention.  Articles of clothing that I still haven’t found, and chores that should have been tended to the moment I stepped into my new home.  They’ve been swept under the rug, for another day, another time, another year. Moving was a really stressful experience, full of the anxiety of the unknown, when it should have been centered around the excitement and thrill of something new.

But alas, it’s 2 years later, and I must not linger on that hard, horrible experience and MOVE. THE. HECK. ON.  And how can I do that?  By sharing something with you, that I wish I had during that time in my life. Advice.

I recently came across an article from The Texas Electricity Company detailing some really great moving tips that will help make your move easier and less stressful.

The article, “10 Steps to a Smoother  Move This Summer” runs down a list 10 must-do’s from notifying important businesses of your move, getting organized, and color coordinating for easier unpacking. The list of must- do’s includes items to be done 6 weeks in advance of your move, up to things you should remember to do the day of the move.  Check out the article, it’ll be sure to help you make your move run more smoothly, so that you can enjoy the thrill.

De Odor Works – September 3, 2010

You might think I’m crazy, but I’m going to just come out and say it anyway. 

You may never need to buy commercial deodorant again.

Are you still there?  Are you laughing hysterically? Bending over, coughing, unable to breath by the impossibility of what I’m saying?

Okay, stop hyperventilating.  It isn’t so crazy.  For years, chefs/cooks have been rubbing their fingers under water on stainless steel to help remove kitchen odors like garlic, onions and fish. So, this isn’t such a far fetched concept.

De Odor Works is a deodorant product that promises to eliminate body odor naturally.  It’s a lightweight stainless steel bar that combined with running water can help you manage unpleasant odors under your arms, on your hands, feet, and in ummmmm. . . .in other unmentionable areas.

What I like about it –

1. It completely eliminates the use of aluminum which is in standard commercial deodorant products.  This is important because of possible links of aluminum to breast cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

2. It’s reusable, for life.  Possible cost savings of uhhh. . . .I can’t count that high.  But a lot of money.

3. It’s completely natural and safe.  It’s made of medical grade stainless steel, the same stainless steel used in pacemakers and replacement joint, and will never cause any adverse effects.

4. Easy to use.  Just use it in the shower after you washed with soap and water, and your done!

5. If you forget to put on deodorant as you’re rushing to get out of the door in the morning, you’re covered!

Okay, now to the nitty gritty.  It’s what you really want to know.  Does it really work?

I think it does.  I immediately noticed a difference after just one use.  I felt like, after running around after my kids, jumping in and out of the car in this hot Texas heat, I just smelled. . . .fresher.

Verdict: While, I wasn’t brave enough go out in the hot Texas heat without added backup, but I did notice a considerable difference with it’s use and my normal hygiene regiment. 

For more information on this product visit .

Cost To You : $19.95

Cost To Me:  Free
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TOMMEE TIPPEE – July 22, 2010

I was recently sent some really good stuff from Tommee Tippee via the Mom Bloggers club, an Explora Truly Spill Proof Water Bottle, 2 Explora weaning bowls with a lid and weaning spoon, and Explora Easi  – mat.

What I like about it:

Explora Water Bottle – Little Phoebe is 12 months old, and is just learning how to use sippy cups.  She likes them okay, but has a bit of difficulty with the sucking/slurping action that must occur to get the liquid out. The Tommee Tippee water bottle is made with a spout that is easy for her to get in her mouth (more like a traditional water bottle – yet it won’t leak when left open) and has a special valve that is SUPER sensitive so that the liquid flows on demand.  Because she doesn’t have to work as hard, she drinks more.  I literally had to pry the cup away from her.

Easi Mat and Weaning Bowls with lid and weaning spoon – Okay, so I have a thing about baby spoons. Usually the handles are too short for my taste and they are bone straight, so when baby begins using them herself, the grip is not quite right, and the whole event is a messier than it should be. This spoon, however, I loved.  It was long enough for my hands to scoop and serve comfortably. Yet because of the grips and the curvy design of the spoon it made it easier for her to get the food into her mouth when she wanted to try it out.

But my favorite, favorite part of this whole package was the Easi Mat.  You just flop it onto the surface your kiddo is eating on, place the feeding bowl on top (food and all), and let your cute-ems just go at it. No worries about bowls being spilled on their head, or thrown on the floor.  Now, when I’m in the kitchen doing chores, I don’t have to worry about little Feebs rocketing her feeding bowl at my head.  Look, watch how she tries to get the bowl loose.

You can find Tommee Tippee Products at Toys R Us and Babies R Us and online at Babies R Us Online.
Now thru July 23rd, buy any Explora Item (cups and feeding) and get the second 1/2 off at Babies R Us Online.

Cost To You – 2 Weaning bowls, lid, and spoon ($5.49), Easi Mat ($6.99)  Water Bottle ($4.99)

Cost To Me – FREE

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