Croque Monsieur

I’m moving to Paris.No, not Paris, TX.Paris, FRANCE.Because, nobody there knows me. But more importantly, because a substantial portion of the population won’t understand when my children insult them, or me, or both.It was bad enough when Shelbi was 2 years old, and we were walking in Home Depot and she yelled to some strange middle aged man, “Daddy, Daddy” like he was holding a sign that said “Lost Father.” Did she do it once, twice, three times? Nope. She beckoned for that man for at least Read more […]

Apricot Pork Tenderloin (Book Review: Simply Suppers by Jennifer Chandler)

This is how I think the universe works. When you want something very badly, you can usually pull it out of the ether and into your reality. Somehow.Sometimes, all it takes is a little ingenuity, and that precious something is right around the corner. Other times it takes months of wishing for it. Months of searching for it.  Months of realizing that you don’t know a lick of French, and are never going to know how to spell something you heard once in French, because YOU DON’T SPEAK FRENCH.  And Read more […]

Pasta with Peas, Beans, and Bacon – Back to School Easy Weeknight Dinner

Yesterday was the first day of school in these parts.  We planned every. single. detail. out.Shelbi informed us she would set her alarm for 5:45 a.m., get dressed, and then wake Bella up at 6:15 a.m. so they wouldn’t be late.Bella informed Shelbi that she was crazy.Lunches of pudding, juice, and cheese and meat sandwiches were gathered and placed in their appropriate lunch boxes.Fancy shoes were worn, and hair was curled and tied.Warwick took the entire day off to chronicle the event.  We thought Read more […]