Review: AYO Almondmilk Yogurt

FACT. I lurv Almondmilk. Almond-Coconut Blend to be exact. Also Fact. I lurv just plain old almondmilk and plain old coconutmilk and plain old cow milk too. Along with pickled pigs feet, chicken AND beef liver . . .and let’s not forget tripes, as in stomach lining. I’m telling you this, as you have probably surmised, that my palette is welcoming to many different flavors and textures. But ufff. Coconutmilk yogurt not so much. And I’ve tried. Oh how I’ve tried. It just doesn’t Read more […]

Halloween Ice Cream Treats:What’s Lurking in the Mud Milkshake and Graveyard Ice Cream Plus A Funley Giveaway!!!

Today I vowed to take 3 selfie pictures for Instagram. Just a little goal I had.  You know, get over my fears, push the envelope a bit. But, as soon as the camera flashed, and I saw the result, I realized why I NEVER take selfies.   MY CHIN IS HUGE. I looked to my husband and said, horrified, “Oh. My. Gosh. My chin is huge!” And he said, “Yeah.” And I was like, “Yeah? Yeah? You say that like you already knew. Like this isn’t a revelation to you.” “Well. Read more […]