Soft Serve Blueberry Ice Cream: In my blender of course.

  He’s getting older. I can see it more and more clearly as years pass by. He calls me pretty lady, bordering on all the time now. Hey, “Pretty Lady.”  “What’s up pretty lady?” “Can I have a kiss pretty lady?” He sounds like some creepy dirty old man with an aluminum tin can in his hand, jingling it around for change. And he listens to old man jive music, frequently. The kind that comes on the radio in old sleepy towns with only AM reception. And he does this like Read more […]

Blueberry Dream Smoothie

    Everyday when I put Phoebe (5) on the bus, she gives me a kiss and whispers, “I don’t want to got to school.” It quite literally breaks my heart for 3 seconds, and then she hops up the bus stairs and waves good-bye to me like she’s going to the circus. I don’t get it. But I do hate it. I think maybe she’s just a drama queen like a few of her sisters. Today I said, “Hey. . .let’s say. . .I CAN’T WAIT TILL I SEE YOU WHEN I GET HOME!. . . .and give each other kisses, okay?” And Read more […]

Fast and Easy No-Crust Quiche. . . .with Spinach, Ham, and Colby Jack or however you like.

 I am not my mother. It is such a travesty. I am tired. She never was. She is beautiful, well-groomed without reproach. I forgot to comb my hair and take a shower yesterday. She did crafts with me, always made yummy dinners, and made everything in my world special. I speak in a loud voice and say “no!” much too often. Right now, I’m living my life trying to reach for her standards. I’m not there. You can ask my children if you need verification. Monday was my mothers birthday and Read more […]

Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp and Lemon

Phoebe:  Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Me:          Yes? Phoebe:    Soledad is so mean. Me:              Uh huh. Phoebe:     Really! She is. Me:              No she’s not. Don’t say that. Phoebe:     Mommy, she said when I was little she stepped on my stomach and then she put a chair on top of my stomach and sat on it and that there are no pictures in the photo books because they were really bad and bloody and you didn’t want to put it in the book. And then Read more […]

Superbowl Sunday: Easy Slow Cooked Tailgate Thai Wings

I run from adversity. I shriek at the mere thought of obstacles, trepidacious territory, or people who I think might yell or not like me. I do not like it. Hard things and grown up things and people who might look me in the face and tell me something that I don’t want to hear, with red faces, jagged teeth, and wild eyes. It’s a horrible, horrible truth about myself. I AM A FEAR MONGER WHO RUNS AWAY AT EVERY WHIM EVEN from THE REMOTEST OF OBSTACLES. Children who won’t listen. Vegetable Gardens full Read more […]

The Quickest and Easiest Buffalo Chicken Salad

Her:  Mommy, remember I need 2 pictures for school today. Me:  Are those the pictures you told me about yesterday? Her:  Yes. Me:  When I wasn’t listening? Her:  Yes. Me:  Do you realize you have 9 minutes before the bus comes? Her:  Yes. Me:  And you haven’t had breakfast. Her:  Yes. Me:  And your hair isn’t combed. Her:  Yes. Me:  And you have no shoes or socks on. Her:  Yes. Me:  You really need to tell me these things when I AM PAYING ATTENTION. Her: Read more […]

Broiled grapefruit with yogurt and granola

  Can I just say something? I need to just get this off my chest, if you don’t mind. I’m not always the best mom. And I can be grouchy. And not brush my hair for days, and totally, completely be over it. Just done. Tapped out. But I never, ever want to be that way. Though sometimes I am. And because I’m that way, I’m trying to teach myself to love me just as I am. Because in some odd weird way, I think it’s all connected. I behave this way, because I’m so stressed out trying to be perfect for Read more […]

Halloween Homemade Candy: Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Seed and Candy Corn Bark and A Crazy About Chocolate GIVEAWAY!

Okay, look. If we are going to do this thing, this blogging thing. . . . This thing —-> where I type  and you read. You know. . . . .THIS. YOU. AND. ME. It might get a little rough. Like, I might say,”I PROMISE IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER TO POST EVERY SINGLE DAY BECAUSE I’M THE HALLOWEEN GURU, AND I LOOOOVVEEE HALLOWEEN. AND I LOVE YOU. . .” BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. And then you’ll be like, “Great. Fab. I’ll try and click over everyday.” But only, sometimes when you click over (like Read more […]