Asian Chili Lime Vinagrette

6:43 am: Roll over. Feet out of the bed, feel around for slippers on the floor. Glasses on face. Walk over to bedroom door, pull open. One foot in front of the other, walk to living room. Begin picking up blankets, pillows, and various accroutements that are thrown half hazardly around the house. 7:24 am: Laundry room now. Picking up crap off the floor. And by crap I mean clothes that may have once (in the recent past) been clean, but somehow ended up on the floor rather than a hanger or the laundry Read more […]

My very favorite Sweet Balsamic Salad Dressing (with herbs) since today, but today is a very good day.

Soledad: Mama! We saw snow! Bella: Well…..mostly ice with a little snow. Soledad: And Mama look! I have on two jackets and two pants! Me: Wow. That’s great! Do you guys want hot chocolate? Soledad and Bella: Yes!!!! We love snow days! Me: Me too. ———————- Today is a snow day. Actually more like a freezing rain with a snowflake every now and again day. Not much activity going on. Mostly playing, cooking, tv watching, and long hot bath taking. Right now we’re Read more […]