The Best Christmas Cookie EVER: Russian Tea Cake/ Snowball / Mexican wedding

Only two days left now. And these two days. . . are even better than the actual day. . .because the anticipation is what will make me high. Giddy. Fantastical. I keep telling myself that I’m determined to enjoy the season, watching Christmas movies with my kids, popping popcorn, baking cookies, but well. . .you know how that goes. BUT. . . I have two days left. And, excitement is high, children are well-behaved, and hot chocolate is in high supply. Today we will quickly finish Read more […]

Halloween Breadsticks: Aunt Cinnamon Sugar’s Achy Bones

  Yesterday, my best friend brought her daughters to the ballpark to watch Bella play softball. When I saw her walking across the field, I was ECSTATIC. Completely overjoyed. OUT OF MY MIND HAPPY. I kissed the girls. Kissed my best friend and settled into the bleachers with the biggest grin on my face. We talked about books. And movies, and websites about movies that have turned into books and completely beautiful houses from those movies that were books. I know. The important Read more […]

My favortite Pumpkin BREAD/CAKE EVER. . .revisited.

it’s getting really close to halloween now. . . not even three full weeks to go. which is why i am not capitalizing any letters in this post. i’m in much too much of a rush for all of that. we’ll play a total of 6 ball games this weekend and their is laundry everywhere in this house. clearly i’m getting on the 12 year olds nerves and the 7 year old is having a nervous breakdown. the nine year old has a headache, and has turned slightly into the 12 year old with her study habits. Read more […]