Low Carb Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake My mom recently decided she was going to throw caution to the wind, pack up her bags and go on a trip to Europe. In all my realities (and there are many)  my mom is this celestial chic being. Lover of travel, fashion, art, hearth, home, crafting, hippie-ing(is that a word?). Tho’ I don’t tell her often enough, she is EVERYTHING I want to be. She listens when my kids talk to her. She always, always, ALWAYS has on a cute outfit. She’s as smart as a whip. Not a problem Read more […]

Phoebe’s “Favorite” Pineapple – Mango Banana Smoothie

6:11 am. Kitchen.  Me with hair, slightly wild, completely afro, oddly amazing. Eyes tired, holey t-shirt with pajama shorts on. Mild chaos of crumbs strewn about the floor making a not so subtle beach of cheese crackers and tortilla chips. Dishes in the sink from 2 days before. Smoothie acroutements on the counter. Frozen mango, pineapple juice, banana, yogurt.  I’m making a smoothie for my littlest, because she only eats skittles and goldfish crackers. A Pineapple-Mango Smoothie to Read more […]

Soft Serve Blueberry Ice Cream: In my blender of course.

  He’s getting older. I can see it more and more clearly as years pass by. He calls me pretty lady, bordering on all the time now. Hey, “Pretty Lady.”  “What’s up pretty lady?” “Can I have a kiss pretty lady?” He sounds like some creepy dirty old man with an aluminum tin can in his hand, jingling it around for change. And he listens to old man jive music, frequently. The kind that comes on the radio in old sleepy towns with only AM reception. And he does this like Read more […]

A Valentine Cookie: Fudge Brownie with White Chocolate Chips and Pecans

I was very proud of myself. Of all of us actually. We went to church on a Sunday. We actually got out of bed, put on our shiny best, got into the car (with only a mild bit of cursing and hitting and melting down) and drove ourselves to the sanctuary. Hallelujah. On time. I hopped out of the car. Opened the back door for my littles to exit the vehicle and they marched behind me in a single file into the side entrance of the church, like a sweet little family. I stood in the back of the church, wanting Read more […]

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey bread and Felicidades in the New Year!!!

2014 is here!!!!!! And I’ve got to tell you, I feel much the same. Which, I think is a good thing. But, there are still some things I want to take care of in 2014. . . 1. Find out whether monkey bread is one or two words and if it needs to be capitalized. 2. Stop using “…” In my blog posts so much. I think I have a problem. 3. Figure out what the heck is wrong with my bum knee and fix it once and for all (therapy or surgery, whatever). 4. Healthy eating. I’m going to return to it with a Read more […]

Halloween Homemade Candy: Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Seed and Candy Corn Bark and A Crazy About Chocolate GIVEAWAY!

Okay, look. If we are going to do this thing, this blogging thing. . . . This thing —-> where I type  and you read. You know. . . . .THIS. YOU. AND. ME. It might get a little rough. Like, I might say,”I PROMISE IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER TO POST EVERY SINGLE DAY BECAUSE I’M THE HALLOWEEN GURU, AND I LOOOOVVEEE HALLOWEEN. AND I LOVE YOU. . .” BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. And then you’ll be like, “Great. Fab. I’ll try and click over everyday.” But only, sometimes when you click over (like Read more […]