Cheap & Easy Halloween Craft: Martha Stewart’s Witch’s Curtains

When I lived in Dallas, I used to make these curtains every Halloween. We have a covered front porch that had an oval entrance. I hung these curtains right behind the archway, and when the wind blew it was like long black strands of hair blowing in the breeze. Calling to all passerbys, with whispers and whimpers of tales never told. Man, I loved that house. But, I love this one more, even though there is no perfect spot for those Martha Stewart Witch Curtains. But the idea of them is so incredibly Read more […]

12 Fun Halloween Decorations For Your Yard. . .that you can do in a day.

  I’m busy working over here. PLEASE EXCUSE ME if my absolute favorite holiday is arriving in EXACTLY 31 days and I have yet to get started on the fright. I won’t be gabbing in your ear so much today, because I’m busy working out the details on how to scare my kids senseless. Not the kind of scary where eyeballs pop out of my head. I’m classier than that. The type of scary that keeps you constantly looking over your shoulder.. . and seeing strange lights. . . and Read more […]