Spooky Halloween Bat Mobile

  Him: So what are you gonna do? Me: I’m gonna make a bat mobile. Him: A bat MOW-BEAL? Me: No. A bat MOW-BULL? BAT-MOBILL, MO-BLEUX? Him: Oh. For a minute there I thought we were going engine shopping. Me: Nope. Not this time. Him: Good. I don’t think we have time to recreate Bat Man’s Lair in time for Halloween. Me: Yeah. Probably not. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – I pronounce a lot of things kind of funky. Like addict. I say it more like ah-dick. Which Read more […]

Fast & Easy Halloween Decor: Broomstick Front Door “Wreath”

  We’re walking to the bus stop and the three of them notice all the really great Halloween decorations that have popped up in the neighborhood over the last few days. Wooden ghosts. Sparkling Pumpkins. Ghouling trinkets hanging from the trees. When we get to the bus stop, brown eyes look up at me, “Mommy. Maybe today you can spend the day surprising us. Go home and put up our Halloween decorations, and when we get home, we’ll be so excited.” “Well, it’s not actually a Read more […]