A Valentine Cookie: Fudge Brownie with White Chocolate Chips and Pecans

I was very proud of myself. Of all of us actually. We went to church on a Sunday. We actually got out of bed, put on our shiny best, got into the car (with only a mild bit of cursing and hitting and melting down) and drove ourselves to the sanctuary. Hallelujah. On time. I hopped out of the car. Opened the back door for my littles to exit the vehicle and they marched behind me in a single file into the side entrance of the church, like a sweet little family. I stood in the back of the church, wanting Read more […]

Halloween Homemade Candy: Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Seed and Candy Corn Bark and A Crazy About Chocolate GIVEAWAY!

Okay, look. If we are going to do this thing, this blogging thing. . . . This thing —-> where I type  and you read. You know. . . . .THIS. YOU. AND. ME. It might get a little rough. Like, I might say,”I PROMISE IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER TO POST EVERY SINGLE DAY BECAUSE I’M THE HALLOWEEN GURU, AND I LOOOOVVEEE HALLOWEEN. AND I LOVE YOU. . .” BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. And then you’ll be like, “Great. Fab. I’ll try and click over everyday.” But only, sometimes when you click over (like Read more […]