On My Mind…….and in my garden.

Him:    Nicole! Nicole! Me:  WHAT?…. Him:    I’m cleaning out all the drawers in our bedroom and they all have finger nail clippings in them. A LOT. Like someone decided that they were going to clip their nails inside each and every drawer in our room Me:    oh. Him:    Do you know who could have done this? Me:    no. Him:    You didn’t do it? Me:    no. Him:    Are you sure? Me:    Yes. Him:    Yes, you did it? Or yes you’re sure you didn’t do it? Me:    I Read more […]

The Easiest “Kind of From Scratch” Blueberry Muffins & Our Easter Weekend….

Easter was really rather special. We didn’t do a lot, but the six of us were together. . . . and we weren’t in a rush. . . so to me, it was perfect. With the exception of the fact that we showed up to church 20 minutes late, and had to stand up for an hour because there were no seats. . . .BUT. . . .not one of my girls complained. And that! was perfect! Nobody screamed and fought over who would get to sit in the pilot seats in the car on the way to the country. Nobody threw a Read more […]

Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie

I’ll just tell you. I had to leave. I had to get up and walk out of the room, right before they wheeled my kid off to surgery. I didn’t want to leave. But I have 3 other children, all who needed their hair combed and breakfast made and to be driven to school.  I had to go. The anesthesiologist gave Phoebe some ‘feel better syrup’ to ease her anxiety, and I could feel Warwick’s hand on my side. Nudging me. Pushing me. “Go. Now’s a good time. If you hurry, you’ll be back before they Read more […]

Sweet Easter Craft: Sugar String Easter Baskets and Eggs

I don’t have anything silly to say today. No funny stories or crazy shenanigans. Today my brain is wrapped all around my four-year old little girl. I told her, tomorrow is your very special day. “You get to wake up and wear your pajamas to the doctor. If you want, you can bring your teddy bear and favorite blanket. They’ll give you sleepy medicine and when you wake up, we’ll go home, you get to watch whatever you want on TV and I’ll make the couch super comfy for you. If you want ice Read more […]

Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp and Lemon

Phoebe:  Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Me:          Yes? Phoebe:    Soledad is so mean. Me:              Uh huh. Phoebe:     Really! She is. Me:              No she’s not. Don’t say that. Phoebe:     Mommy, she said when I was little she stepped on my stomach and then she put a chair on top of my stomach and sat on it and that there are no pictures in the photo books because they were really bad and bloody and you didn’t want to put it in the book. And then Read more […]

Blueberry, Strawberry, Avocado ‘remove a part of my butt, gut, thigh’ Smoothie

I’m sitting in the chair next to the window, dangling my legs over the arms. My head leans back, tilted slightly, and I’m watching the ways of my house on a late afternoon in March. Bella lies upside down on the love seat, paper in hand, memorizing poetry terms and math factors. “Stop!” “Quiet!” “I’m hungry!” “Stop jumping!!!” Verbal lurches called out to those who might impede her progress. Phoebe thumping up and down the stairs, daring someone, anyone to play with her. And I sit, Read more […]

Hanging family pictures with Monkey Hooks.

Over the past few days I’ve been rather preoccupied with photographs. I’m slightly/completely worried that my children might grow up in a home in which they don’t realize they are adored to the umpteenth degree. Because of the fact that I raise my voice A LOT…..and additionally DO NOT do “anything fun EVER” . . . .I fear my children have come to this conclusion and possibly worse ones that I will not delve into at this point. Therefore, I’m of the opinion that I can fix all my errors and apparent Read more […]

Borracho Beans (Drunken Tex-Mex Beans). ……….when all you have is beans and beer.

My mom: I just walked in on Warwick in the bathroom. Me: It’s okay. My mom: Well…I didn’t mean too, but he didn’t have the door locked. Me: It’s okay. My mom: I mean I didn’t see anything….he was finished. Me: Good. It’s fine. It’s okay. My mom: But then I talked to him a little while. Me: Huh? My mom: I asked him a few questions, he didn’t seem to mind. Me: Of course not. He’s too nice. Are you serious? You probably should have turned around, closed the door and left like a normal Read more […]

Vegetarian Split Pea Soup. . . .if you don’t count the bacon I sprinkled on top.

Remember when i told you i was sick, yesterday? I still am. I didn’t pick up my medicine yesterday because it COST $149, which I think is ridiculous, so I told the pharmacy to call the doctor and ask for something cheaper. To which she looked at me like I was crazy, “You know your co-pay is zero, right?” and I was like . . .”LADY. . .THAT’S NOT THE FRIGGIN POINT! WE still really pay for it. . .just call the doctor, alright?”. . . But honestly, if I don’t get my medicine today, I really don’t Read more […]

Low Fat Turkey Meatloaf with Sweet Brown Sugar Sauce

I’m going to make this quick, because I think I may or may not be sick. yesterday after i had a very lovely day, one in which i got to see my eldest daughter play her first match of tennis (that she would say is not even a real match. . .just a scrimmage. . .and would I please stop talking about it so much. . .and geez mom stop making a big deal out of it, it’s not even a big deal! OMG! YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME!!! MY LIFE IS SO UNFAIR.) I think I got sick. I’m not sure when it happened. Sometime Read more […]