12 Fun Halloween Decorations For Your Yard. . .that you can do in a day.

  I’m busy working over here. PLEASE EXCUSE ME if my absolute favorite holiday is arriving in EXACTLY 31 days and I have yet to get started on the fright. I won’t be gabbing in your ear so much today, because I’m busy working out the details on how to scare my kids senseless. Not the kind of scary where eyeballs pop out of my head. I’m classier than that. The type of scary that keeps you constantly looking over your shoulder.. . and seeing strange lights. . . and Read more […]

Tangerine Chicken Salad, I LOVE RAMEN Cookbook Giveaway, plus 2 reasons why its okay to be lazy.

WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW IN RED – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Probably a non-lazy person would not try to convince you that laziness is a virtue. And by now you’ve concurred that a lazy person is talking to you right now. While others might hold their hands down in shame, I hold my head high, my shoulders square looking at you. . . .dead in the eye. . . . . This is who I am . . . .and it has given me all that I have.. . .. A husband who prints 3 copies of directions for Read more […]

Thrift Shop Makeover. . .From dated 70’s to Classic Chic: Spray Paint and 5 minute DIY Lampshade Ornament

“So. Are we on the same page?” He said, smiling. Reassuring me. “Yes. Which is the same page we’ve been on for the last 15 years. Your page.” I just sat there with a blank look on my face wanting to scream at him to “LISTEN!” but it wouldn’t have been any use. He can’t hear me when he thinks he’s being brilliant. “WE are on the same page. But only. . .I don’t want to be on that page anymore.. . .” And then all hell broke loose. Because I turned the page. I turned like 20 pages, and found Read more […]

Soft Serve Blueberry Ice Cream: In my blender of course.

  He’s getting older. I can see it more and more clearly as years pass by. He calls me pretty lady, bordering on all the time now. Hey, “Pretty Lady.”  “What’s up pretty lady?” “Can I have a kiss pretty lady?” He sounds like some creepy dirty old man with an aluminum tin can in his hand, jingling it around for change. And he listens to old man jive music, frequently. The kind that comes on the radio in old sleepy towns with only AM reception. And he does this like Read more […]

Blueberry Dream Smoothie

    Everyday when I put Phoebe (5) on the bus, she gives me a kiss and whispers, “I don’t want to got to school.” It quite literally breaks my heart for 3 seconds, and then she hops up the bus stairs and waves good-bye to me like she’s going to the circus. I don’t get it. But I do hate it. I think maybe she’s just a drama queen like a few of her sisters. Today I said, “Hey. . .let’s say. . .I CAN’T WAIT TILL I SEE YOU WHEN I GET HOME!. . . .and give each other kisses, okay?” And Read more […]

Fast and Easy No-Crust Quiche. . . .with Spinach, Ham, and Colby Jack or however you like.

 I am not my mother. It is such a travesty. I am tired. She never was. She is beautiful, well-groomed without reproach. I forgot to comb my hair and take a shower yesterday. She did crafts with me, always made yummy dinners, and made everything in my world special. I speak in a loud voice and say “no!” much too often. Right now, I’m living my life trying to reach for her standards. I’m not there. You can ask my children if you need verification. Monday was my mothers birthday and Read more […]

REUSE: How to spray paint your rug.

I’m a mad woman. Not pissed or anything. More like crazed with genius inspiration. The type of mad crazy genius that makes one wake up at 4:30 AM in their hole ridden nightgown and stumble blindly into their garage with no shoes and only a paint can in hand. Posed to undo the wrong that had been done to them when their 8-year-old child dropped a jar of sun tea on the hall rug at 9:26 pm a fort night ago. Upon which night , said stumbler had a mental breakdown and sun tea up to her eyeballs, Read more […]

Easy Molasses and Nut Granola

  Sometimes I dream for my kids on a scale that I fear is  much too big. I want them to be strong, and fierce, and smart. I want them to be kind, and loving, and considerate. And I want them to love their sisters with intensity. Forever, and without question. Because your sister is your soul. She can see through anything, and has lived through the very things you had to struggle with. She knows all your bad, and still hangs around to see if you are going to dish out more. I know that Read more […]

Angel Food Smoothie…….just like at Smoothie King

He told me he needed a rotater dowel screw thing for the bunk bed. He asked me to go to the furniture store, Lowes, and Home Depot in search of it. I drove and I drove and I drove. “Do you have this thing?” I’d ask. “No. They’d say.” But still I trudged on. I called HIM on the phone and told him that the furniture store salesman gave me 3 screws that were just a smidge longer. “No! that won’t work at all. ” he says while I curse him under my breath. But I take the screws from salesman Read more […]

Pottery Barn Copy Cat: Painted Pieced Artwork

                I feel a little bad. Monday was the start of the school year, and it’s the first time in 14 years that I’ve been by myself for the period of time between 8am and 3pm. The older girls hit the pavement without even looking back. But, Phoebe was a little ‘throw-up lodged in her throat” at the thought of starting kinder. She cried. Not the ugly snot on your shirt crying, but still it was crying all Read more […]