For the love of all things creepy, somebody remind me to get a backbone. And to divvy out responsibilities. And to take control of things that are fully in my control. And to be happy, because happiness lies within always. And to know that no matter how crazy life gets, I have within me the tools to tackle anything that comes my way. .  . Please. . . Remind me. – – – – — – – – – – – – I woke up this morning with a list a million miles long of things to do to make today special for Read more […]

Halloween DIY: Little Girl Swan (Lake) Costume and Make-Up

  Ok people. It’s do or die time. And I think I’m dying. Only 1 day left until Halloween and I’m just now thinking about my children and their costumes. Oops. “Mommy! Are we going to do our costumes today?” “No.” “What about today?” “No.” “Can we do it tomorrow?” “Probably not.” “What about now?” “Absolutely not, and if you ask me one more time, I’m cancelling Halloween. And don’t think I won’t do it!” – – – – – – – – – – – – I’m a horrible mother. But Read more […]

Scary Things I’m Avoiding This Week. . . Halloween Sightings & CASCADE ICE SPARKLING WATERS GIVEAWAY!

Enslaved Crazy Person chained to a wooden crate at the Friendswood HS Drama Club’s Haunted House. I know your pain, buddy.   WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW ———————————————————— Last Monday, Shelbi (13) sent me a text that took 20 seconds to scroll through. And that’s if you’re not reading it. Just scrolling. Reading would have taken AT LEAST  5 minutes. And I would have needed even more time if I chose to decipher all the acronyms and emoticon references. Read more […]

Spooky Halloween Bat Mobile

  Him: So what are you gonna do? Me: I’m gonna make a bat mobile. Him: A bat MOW-BEAL? Me: No. A bat MOW-BULL? BAT-MOBILL, MO-BLEUX? Him: Oh. For a minute there I thought we were going engine shopping. Me: Nope. Not this time. Him: Good. I don’t think we have time to recreate Bat Man’s Lair in time for Halloween. Me: Yeah. Probably not. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – I pronounce a lot of things kind of funky. Like addict. I say it more like ah-dick. Which Read more […]

Oatmeal Pumpkin and Dark Chocolate Bars and PYURE STEVIA SWEETENER GIVEAWAY!

[WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW] Sunday, I was walking Phoebe (5) and Soledad (8) from the car to the softball field. It was a little wet, and a little muddy, but the ground was sturdy and the wind a little breezy. I walked about 10 steps ahead of my girls, hurrying to get a good spot on the bleachers. One step in front of the other. Step over a rock. Bypass the candy wrapper. Hop over the huge hole in the dirt. Only I think I must have been so mesmerized by the hole that I actually Read more […]

Cheap & Easy Halloween Craft: Martha Stewart’s Witch’s Curtains

When I lived in Dallas, I used to make these curtains every Halloween. We have a covered front porch that had an oval entrance. I hung these curtains right behind the archway, and when the wind blew it was like long black strands of hair blowing in the breeze. Calling to all passerbys, with whispers and whimpers of tales never told. Man, I loved that house. But, I love this one more, even though there is no perfect spot for those Martha Stewart Witch Curtains. But the idea of them is so incredibly Read more […]

Giant Spider Egg: With things you already have around the house.

  I clean my front door maybe twice a year. ALWAYS at Halloween. This year when I was scrubbing away, I noticed tiny little baby cotton ball type things in the cracks, near the glass. I reach over and begin to wipe them off, and about 20 tiny little spiders popped out. Creeped me the mess out. Ick. I called Warwick and the realtor to put the house up for sale. And then. . . .I came to my senses, killed all of the baby spiders and started dreaming about what a wonderful misfortune Read more […]

Fast & Easy Halloween Decor: Broomstick Front Door “Wreath”

  We’re walking to the bus stop and the three of them notice all the really great Halloween decorations that have popped up in the neighborhood over the last few days. Wooden ghosts. Sparkling Pumpkins. Ghouling trinkets hanging from the trees. When we get to the bus stop, brown eyes look up at me, “Mommy. Maybe today you can spend the day surprising us. Go home and put up our Halloween decorations, and when we get home, we’ll be so excited.” “Well, it’s not actually a Read more […]

Orange You Glad it’s Halloween Breakfast Yogurt Drink (with Orange, Banana, and Raspberry)

  This is how I know my infatuation with Halloween is not normal. I have just planned what my children will eat for breakfast 28 days from now. It’s the attention to details that really call attention to the fact that I have lost my mind. Never mind that I didn’t feed them breakfast today. Which isn’t really true, I did feed them breakfast. . . . . at 12 noon. But that was because I needed to go to the store to buy orange juice concentrate to make this to see if they’d like it well Read more […]

Dollar Store Craft: Jack O’ Lantern Lamp and Crawling Spider Lampshade

Bella: Mommy. Me: Yes. Bella: What are you doing? Me: Halloween Decorations. Bella: Oh. Jack O’Lanterns? Me: Yes. Bella: Are they going to light up? In different colors? And twinkle? And sparkle? Me: No. Bella: No? Well then what are they going to do? Me: Nothing. Bella: Oh. (Silence) I guess that’s good enough. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – YOU ARE DARN TOOT’IN’ THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH. That’s brilliant, actually. A lamp that lights up with a light bulb. But wait! Oh Read more […]