Heart Shaped Pancakes with Light Chocolate Ganache Sauce

Dear YOU,I wanted to tell you something.  Something that kinda gets my stomach all in knots.  Makes me a little bit anxious and a lot bit woozy.  Here goes . . . . ..You make me happy.I’m very happy having you in my life.  I. . . .uuuhhh, love you.When my husband asks me about my blog, I laugh and tell him about the funny comments you left for me that day.  I tell him how much I enjoy hearing your stories and how glad I am that YOU are in my life.I call you my friend.I don’t call you my reader.I Read more […]

Chicken Wings Just Like Hooters

I saw this picture the other day. The one below, not the one above. Try and focus.It’s a picture of my maternal grandmother and grandfather.I’d never seen a picture of them looking so in love. Look at the way she clings to him. How her head tilts to his in cohesion as if she’s the missing piece to his puzzle. Her ankles intertwined together, as they lazily swing back and forth, like she’s sitting on the docks staring out into the mysterious and ever powerful ocean of life.And he with an ever smug Read more […]

Valentine’s Day Dinner at the Woo’s

I have a rule.  It cannot be broken, sidestepped, or circumnavigated.Or there will be problems.  And nobody wants Mama mad.Really, I’m Mommy. But Mama sounds tougher.And that rule is. . .I do not under any circumstances make dinner for Valentine’s Day.  This Day for all intensive purposes is for ME. Parajumpers Jacka Herr Not for my husband who has said on many occasions he could do without the holiday.  “Hey, how about you don’t buy me anything, and I don’t buy you anything.” he chuckles Read more […]

50 Reasons Why I Love My Husband ~ The Pussycat Dolls – "Stickwitu"

1. Because you almost always sing in the shower.2. And it’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS off key.3. Because you don’t want to go to a “crowded over priced restaurant” on Valentine’s Day, but will if only I ask.4. You talk to me even when my eyes are closing and clearly I’m not listening.5. And that doesn’t even bother you, and you don’t get mad.6. You love our children just as much as I do.7. You call me from work just to tell me a whole bunch of nothing.8. You don’t walk on the carpet with your shoes, most days.9. Read more […]

Molasses Breakfast Bran Muffins with Pecans and Sesame Seeds

I’m on a diet. Hence the muffin-athon. It’s not what you think. I really am trying to lose weight. 10 pounds by Valentines Day. So that I can be extra alluring to my husband when he showers me with Lobster and Filet Mignon (that he ordered online ~ that’s another story). Well at least, more alluring than I was 2 weeks prior. It’s not really working out too well. I did lose 5 pounds, but I gained back 4 and 3 quarters Super Bowl night between 5 and 10 pm. It would have been a Super Bowl miracle Read more […]

Low Fat Everything Muffin

I’m such a muffin whore. I mean hoard.  Muffin hoard.  I hoard muffins.Honestly, I don’t know where my mind has been lately.Off daydreaming about the upcoming Valentine’s Day Parajumpers Sverige holiday I suppose.  Dreaming of all the wonderful things that make my spine tingle.Like coconut.And Blueberries.And Bananas, creamy and slightly hypnotic.Crunchy Pecans that beg to be bitten, crunched and devoured.Flax Seed to make you strong and healthy and vigorous for whatever activities you might need Read more […]