The anatomy of a Christmas Card, Butternut Squash Dressing, and The Vegan Holiday Kitchen GIVEAWAY!!!

Update:  The Winner is. . ..Nerissa Maldonado 6 days ago My favorite Thanksgiving Dish is my mom’s Cheesy Jalapeno Cornbread.  Yummy my taste buds are watering just thinking about it. She has given me her recipe several times over the years but mine never comes out like hers (my kids are quick to point this out to me too).Oh well! I try. Please contact me in the next 48 hours at to claim your prize, or another winner will be chosen.- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -November Read more […]

Holiday Dessert: Quick and EASY Pumpkin Cake/Bread and Music by KEM – Why would you stay?

I miss my husband.He’s still here, and I’m still here, but I just miss him.We go to soccer together, softball together, eat dinner, and talk about bills together, but I MISS HIM.We don’t get to dance as much as we used to. Or just lie around and be lazy. He’s really fun to just lie around and be lazy with. I think our lives are too crazy. I think maybe we have to figure out how to slow down. Watch more TV. Go on more walks. Jump in muddy puddles. Roll down some hills.  I think that’s what we need Read more […]

Sad Clown Make-up, A Halloween Hangover, Easy Pumpkin Soup and GREEN VALLEY ORGANICS GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

  [Winner announced below]Ever just wake up and look at your face and wonder.Wonder about your face and every body else’s face, and the things they do to it?Like eyeliner. What about eyeliner?  I love it personally. I think I should wear more of it.And brown skin is nice, lovely in fact, but wonder how it would be to be white.  No, not like Caucasian.  I mean white, like snow. Like cotton. Like this bottle of Green Valley Kefir I’m pouring into my glass, and spilling it onto my desk. (We’ll Read more […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Nachos

This is why I love Christmas.Presents.And despite the fact that every year I grow older, my heart still remains the same. I want presents, and I want lots.Small ones.Big ones.Handmade ones.Expensive ones.Cheap ones.It really doesn’t matter. Because they all elicit the same feeling that turns me into a little girl, that can’t bear to look at a package without shaking it, wondering, and occasionally opening it up and re-wrapping it. I’m not proud.On Black Friday, I took Shelbi shopping so that Read more […]

Turkey 101: With A Chicken

I’m not the type of person to make my children call me M’am. I’m not opposed, I actually rather like the sound of it, in theory.Every now and then, when one of my children loses their damn minds and errantly hollers, “WHAT?!!!” in response to me calling for them, I invoke the “Say yes M’am” rule just to make them squirm a bit and show them the proper and respectful way to address their mother.Then about 5 minutes later, they forget, and so do I and we’re back to Mommy or Mama.But Read more […]

Thanksgiving Side: Baked Spinach

This casserole is award winning.Well . . . . . . . it could have been award-winning.If a certain “somebody” (MR. WOO) would have told me that not only did he need something to bring to work for Thanksgiving lunch, but that all the dishes were entered into a contest.I mean, there’s no need to dress this delightful dish up. It can stand on its own.Creamy, yet has a slight bight.Cheesy, yet slightly crunchy around the edges.Perfectly balanced, nutritious, and completely sinful tasting.The perfect Read more […]

Chocolate Pecan Pie and The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I am black. I am from the South.I am a woman.But most importantly, I am a person.And I just read The Help by Kathryn Stockett.I’m not sure if any of those adjectives made this book harder or easier for me to read. I’ll just be frank, I loved the book. But often, it tied my stomach in knots, made me nauseous, scared, and frightened for the time that once was. A time when a black person could be hung on a tree, for saying the wrong thing, or looking at the wrong person.The Help, is historical fiction Read more […]

Holiday Spiced Cider

Soledad (4) has asked me at least 5,000 times in 30 minutes can she have a piece of candy.It is 5:03 pm. The answer is “No, you cannot.”She begins rummaging through the junk drawer.Soledad: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!Me: Yes, Soledad.Soledad: What’s this? *holds up KFC Barbecue Sauce single use container*Me: Barbeque Sauce.Soledad: Oooh, yum. Can I eat it?Me: No.Soledad: What this? *holds up a peppermint*Me: You know what that is. Its candy and you can’t have it.Soledad: Oh, hmmm. Well, then what’s Read more […]

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Maybe I’m going to start my period.I’m getting all choked up over the craziest things, and I can’t remember anything.Bella held up a scruffy red t-shirt with a monkey on it and asked if it was hers.Simple question. Not so much.Why she doesn’t know if a shirt is hers is beyond me.Why I don’t know if a shirt is hers is beyond both me and her.Clearly, I recognized the shirt, and I knew someone had worn it before, as was evident in its state of disrepair. However, I just wasn’t sure who actually Read more […]

How to Make an Autumn Wreath

I have been a mother for 10 years now.Almost to the day.And, I can quite honestly say, I haven’t learned a damn thing yet.3:30 pm.The bus brakes screech in the distance.The front door opens. Backpacks are thrown to the floor, shoes and socks are ripped off, and two little Woo’s find their way into the kitchen where they begin to gorge themselves. One of the “Little Woo’s” happens upon a brand new sack of marbles, and begins to make a place for herself on the living room floor.Pretty, pretty Read more […]