Borracho Beans (Drunken Tex-Mex Beans). ……….when all you have is beans and beer.

My mom: I just walked in on Warwick in the bathroom. Me: It’s okay. My mom: Well…I didn’t mean too, but he didn’t have the door locked. Me: It’s okay. My mom: I mean I didn’t see anything….he was finished. Me: Good. It’s fine. It’s okay. My mom: But then I talked to him a little while. Me: Huh? My mom: I asked him a few questions, he didn’t seem to mind. Me: Of course not. He’s too nice. Are you serious? You probably should have turned around, closed the door and left like a normal Read more […]

My Garden of Weeds and Lawry’s Giveaway Winner Announced. . . . . .

[Winner to the Lawry’s Prize Pack and Rachael Ray Cookware Announced Below]Gardening is a lot like raising kids.It seems like a really great idea.You get super excited, and spend lots of money.Find spots in your life to plant, sow and reap.And you do.And it looks lovely. And the plants grow, and somehow you missed how they turned into big huge plants.Because there were so many darn weeds.Grass weeds.Clover weeds.And flower weeds, that were really quite pretty, but had to go because they weren’t in Read more […]

Tortilla Pizza and My Birthday Highlights

  I waited in line at the DMV for 45 minutes to renew my drivers license. I was by myself. I chewed a piece of gum and didn’t share. .. .and. . .I read a book. It was nice. While I was at the DMV, Lucky peed on the floor and rolled in it. Warwick said he didn’t smell, but he did. So I gave him a bath and he stood moderately still. We ate SUSHI for lunch!!!! Nobody ever wants to eat Sushi with me, but on my birthday. . .not one single complaint:)We early voted. I love pretending that I’m republican Read more […]

This month in Sports. . . .And Quick Cook Vegetarian Fried Noodles

She caught her!!!!!! This month it’s been sports, sports, sports, sports, sports. The end of some sports, the continuation of others, and the beginning of more.  It has had us in a bit of a tizzy, with not much time to rest between outings. But deep down in my gut I know all the flurry is worth the trouble. This is the only time in their lives where they can play until their hearts are content.  And if they do it now, when they’re my age Read more […]

Something I found on Pintrest. . . .A DIY Watering Can made from a Milk Jug!

[ It’s the last day to enter the HEB $25 Gift Card Giveaway!] Is it weird that I’m 36 and I’m making a Birthday Wish List?Don’t tell me.I don’t want to know. I just figure since my birthday and Mother’s Day are coming up, that maybe somebody might want to give me something I ACTUALLY WANT.And the items might be a little pricey.So they might want to save up. A little. This is what I have so far. 1.Garage Shelves.2. XL Canvas (4) to re-create this pottery barn picture. 3. Wall Paint (in a fun-ish Read more […]

Texas Wild. . . .Flowers!!!

Things that made me smile this week. . . . .and. . . .my own special breed of wild flowers :)The past few weeks have been a bit frazzled. Lots and lots of softball. Volleyball. Getting ready for Bella’s First Communion. Easter. School. Work. Field Trips. Potty Training. Dog urination. More dog urination.Also, the weather is turning so beautiful. Sunny days with highs in the mid 80s.  Torrential downpours and gray cloudiness and soggy, soggy grass.  Honestly, its my favorite time of the year. Read more […]