Softball things. . . . . Wasp things. . . . .and Pear things that I have neglected.

I’m watching Bella walk up to the plate. From the corner of my eye I can see Soledad and Phoebe playing in the dirt. Phoebe whips her head back and forth. Soledad gruffs irritated, “Geez Phoebe. It’s just a wasp.” Before. So sweet and innocent spittin’ sunflower seeds. I turn my head, but not quick enough. The baby falls to her knees, mouth open wide, with a large. silent. cry. And then. . .i heard it. . .we all heard it. . . the ENTIRE ballpark . . Read more […]

how we weekend

It’s going to be hot here for awhile yet. Mosquitoes will be biting at least until December. And softball . . . it’ll never get cold enough to make us stop. . . them from playing. So generally, from now until late November. . . that is what our little girls will be doing. . . with a spattering of volleyball and soccer thrown into the mix. Yes, I said soccer. The baby who is technically NOT a baby anymore, has decided to get her sports feet wet in futbol. Not americano. . . I’m Read more […]


I don’t even know what came over me.First I’m watching my 12 year old play basketball.An aggressive game, but nothing out of the usual.The next thing I know, the ball passes by my daughter (Shelbi) as she’s playing defense, and this crazy nut job starts pushing her around.There is a shove.She recovers, as she spreads her legs wider and gets her arms up above her head trying to deflect any passes.The girl can’t get away from daughter, because well. . .she’s pretty good at her low post position.(Plus.. Read more […]

All Softball. All the time. League City Express. District Champions. Second Place State.

I wonderby Bella Woodardpracticing,and, practicing, for the right time,when will i get,first,place,in, state, playing softball?We’re trying so hard,to beat the other team,they’re really good,but we could,do better,I can’t wait,to see my face,when I win,firstplace. – – – – – – – – – – – – -I just found this poem sitting on the dining room table.She wrote it a few months back.And it brought tears to my eyes.This past weekend my sweet Bella went to state in softball.Nobody ever thought they’d Read more […]